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Slogan - 'Success begins with a fellows will – It’s all in the state of mind'


PRESENT: I am a trust architect and value driven entrepreneur, Travel Out There CEO, Riga United Football Club Founder and Managing Partner of the Riga Business Network, all of which aim to help ignite team spirt and a develop a more connected culture.


At Travel Out There, we orchestrate a pan-European network of certified Event Architects to tailor engaging and innovative Incentive Travel, Team Building and Training experiences for many leading brands across Europe.  Our Network of competence is your confidence. For more information about Travel Out There please check out our ABOUT US page.


PAST: From the age of 15 to 18, I ran my own Christmas-Tree recycling business called Yule Tidying! 


NEXT: 4 years studying and working at Leeds University.  Accomplished a 2.1 Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting Studies and set up and operated a successful furniture removals business for students as well as an events business.


AFTER: 3 years experience of working in Events Management at a conference and exhibition Spirit Conference Centre in Slough and working as a free-lance Film Maker. 


PLAY‚Ä®: In my younger years I played county cricket and club Hockey to reasonable level. Now I enjoy playing football recreationally and striving to become a zero handicapper golfer by the time I retire. (I think I will be working for the rest of my life).  Enjoy feeding my creative edge not only in business but in the kitchen and on the art canvas also.


SPECIALITIES: Innovation (disruptive and meaningful), content marketing, destination management and promotion, online marketing, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, (Change) management, network facilitation, event production, entertainment, education, branding, idea practitioner and story telling.


For more information please do not hesitate to connect with me on Linked in.  Click here to see a personal note from Austin