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Reasons to visit Kiev

A fusion of ancient and modern. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe and was the capital of the first Ukranian state, Kieven Rus, a state that would come to be the religious and cultural foundation for modern day Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The architecture and art that can be found in Kiev are considered world treasure and walking in Kiev’s historical centre you can feel the spirit of the past in every footstep. At the same time it is a modern and cosmopolitan city, emerging from its soviet past, with business districts, expensive SUV's and extravagant office building popping up everywhere.

Good value for money. Kiev is often ranked as one of the cheapest cities in Europe to visit. Restaurant and hotel prices are well below the European average which means that you can get away with luxuries in Kiev that would be unthinkable in other large European cities.

Unexploited. Due to its location in the Eastern parts, it is not a common destination for tourist traveling through Western Europe, and the fact is that Kiev still remains relatively unexplored by the large tourist masses. It has also mange to keep it uniqueness, and give you a real feeling of being in a foreign country and experiencing something new. So take the chance to explore the city's sights during your corporate trip: visit cultural institution without having to que for hours, see UNESCO sights without having to elbow your way to the masses, and take the chance to spend some time with the friendly locals.