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We value each and every corporate client with the utmost importance and understand that we are acting as an extension of your company. We know what It takes to operate a well-run corporate event and are always willing to go that 'extra mile' to ensure that everything runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations For more info please do check out our About Us Page. 

Reasons to visit Riga

Captivating historical heritage. Eight hundred years of history has left Riga with a unique, well-preserved architectural heritage. Not only does the Latvian capital offer a magnificent medieval city centre, it is also the home to the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world! Together with the city’s more recent history as a part of the Soviet Union, Riga can offer a wide range of unusual, historical venues unlike anything you would find elsewhere in the world.

Great selection of things to do. Although relatively small for a capital city, Riga offers as wide a range of activities for incentives and culture as any huge metropolis. Exquisite cuisine, fancy bars, a notoriously wild nightlife, unique day and night time activities, high class SPA centers as well as a beautiful nature and 22 km of white sand beaches less than an hour away. In other words, a corporate event in Riga will give you much more than just conference halls and hotel rooms – it can easily be combined with exciting, unique incentives and all for a cost that is lower than in most other European capitals. With Travel Out There are your partner DMC in Riga it can all be managed effortlessly with great value.

Easily accessible. With Baltic’s busiest airport, located only 30 minutes from the city centre and with direct flight from almost hundred international cities, Riga can easily be reached from all corners of the world. Furthermore, Riga is compact enough to be enjoyed by foot, minimizing the travel times between hotel, venues and tourist sights.

Featured Riga Experiences

City Code Game

The Game is a great way to see how your team works together in a fun but challenging environment, all teams will be given prizes and the experience will end with a presentation! May the best team win!

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Champagne Opera

“Inspiring” “Imposing” These are the usual ways in which those, who are lucky enough to get the chance, describe their experience of the Riga Opera, Limo and Champagne package.

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Winter Olympics

Not only will you be able to enjoy the experience of playing in the snow, building igloos, bobsleighing and team snowball fights but also be able to work as a team whilst playing a seasonal game of Curling. 

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