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A chill from the cold war! Chemical or Nuclear attack, an underground nuclear bunker would protect the Soviet high army command and high ranking communist party members. You will devour Soviet food on the sounds of retrol vynil. This experience will whisk you back to the cold war years of the 70's. Awaiting from directives from Moscow, you will become yourself the eyes and ears of the KGB.

Soviet nuclear bunker retro party
The canteen at the Ligatne bunker appears to be set in a time-warp as it remains virtually untouched from the time of Soviet occupation and provides a full Soviet experience including retro vinyl discs and authentic nibbles washed down with vodka. Fortunately, the Russian food has definitely improved since those days!

We offer:

  • bunker premises for the party (groups of up to 30 persons)
  • excursion with a guide
  • premise decorations in Soviet style
  • making pictures with Soviet accessories (with your cameras)
  • a banquet with belash, borsch, cutlets, stewed fruits, caviar a.o. Soviet dishes
  • a dance room and plate player and real vinyl plates of 1970 - 1980-ies

Should you want to become a secret agent underground we can combine a SPY game with the party.

            Before beginning game all agents get briefed about the Soviet Union army conducting secret, scientific research and conducted experiments with unknown substance.

            There has been an accident, the reasons are unknown. Is discharged poisonous substance and the location of the bunker is only possible with a certain period of time. Bunker is nearly deserted, but the underground has left something to be quick as possible reach the over ground - it is “Objekts X”.

            Secret agents have a mission - find, deliver “Objekts X” safe on over ground. About “Objekts X” is known very few.  After the abandoned claims Secret agents must found the “Objekts X “hiding place.

            Using secret instruments, agents have the task to locate “Objekts X” and bring to the over ground. If agents can’t done the mission on given time, then bunker will be evacuated.

The Top Secret Soviet Base with cover name "The Pension"
This is a unique opportunity to visit Ligatne’s top-secret nuclear bunker. The bunker, which remains almost unchanged from the Soviet era, only became known to the Latvian public in 2003, twelve years after Latvia regained independence. This 2,000-square metre facility buried deep under Latvian soil was known simply as “The Pension”. It would have provided, in times of a nuclear attack from the ‘evil’ capitalist western countries, an escape for the leading members of the KGB and the Latvian Soviet government.

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