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With the help of dozens of local experts in their professions, we have put together a list of 'Learn How To' activities that you can try out during your incentive as a fun and engaging workshop.  Should you have an idea of a workshop that you would like to run - then simply let us know what you are thinking and we will do our best to facilitate it!


Write a Short Play and Act it out at the Theatre

You will write a short play for your work colleagues or friends to act out. Once this has been done you will have the amazing opportunity to actually act this short play out on the stage of the Theatre. 

* This experience can also be filmed for posterity

Sing with a choir

Join the members of one of a leading choral groups for a quick lesson on how to sing choir music. No previous singing experience is needed. 

Graffiti workshop - Click Here

Is there a time and a place for graffiti? Many people think there is. A  local graffiti artist gives you the inside track on how to create scratch, scrawl or spray paint images on different kinds of surfaces and shows you some examples of where graffiti in public places has improved the aesthetics rather than degraded them..

Drumming Workshop - Click Here

Should you want to put the beat back in to your conference / incentive then the Drumming Workshop is the ideal team building experience for you.  The process of learning a rhythm, the energy and power of hammering the drum and the enjoyment of your team working in unison leaves all participants feeling uplifted, energized, motivated and inspired.


Cocktail Workshop - Click Here

If you want to give you incentive trip an activity that will get everyone involved in some fun then look no further than our Cocktail Workshop incentive. Perfect if you have a mixture of ages and gender, the make your own cocktail will always prove to be a success.


Play Ice hockey

If you have never tried to play ice hockey this is a real eye opener and a sporting experience that should not be missed! A local top ice hockey player will teach you the very basics of ice hockey and, by the end of the day, you will get the chance to try to score against a local goalkeeper.
Includes hire of all necessary ice hockey equipment.

Join the Circus 

Join the members of a circus for an unforgettable day of circus workshops and behind-the-scenes experiences at the Circus. 
Depending on the time of year, later the same day you will get the opportunity to watch the circus perform live in front of hundreds of spectators.

Make Magic Tricks

A half day in the company of one of a group of magicians. Learn how to fool your friends and family into believing that you have suddenly acquired magic skills after a couple of days away,

Give the perfect massage

Rather than being the one receiving it is time to be the one giving! Surprise your other half by learning top tips and skills about the art of massage that you can use on your return home.
For an additional charge you can also receive a full body massage or back massage after the workshop has finished.   

Utilise the Social Media 

Facebook now has an estimated 600 million users. The power of social media is only just being realised by many businesses and individuals around the world. Rip up your old marketing books and learn how social media can help you transform your business or private life.

Be a Beautician

A local  beautician will guide you through all the tricks of the beauty trade. Learn basic Hairstyling, Cosmetics, Skin Care and Manicure techniques and help transform the way you and other people look.


Record Your Own Music CD

Tired of all that rubbish they play on commercial radio? Think you could do better? Ever wanted to make your own music? Here is your chance to go into a recording studio and make your very own music CD. Our expert local musician will be there with you to advise and guide you through the basics before you finally start to put down tracks and record your own personal song. It is also possible for you to record your own cover versions of famous musical hits – we will provide the backing music and recording equipment, all you need to do is sing!


Ever wanted to learn how to paint landscapes, portraits or nude models? Learn to Paint in Riga is available to all our guests visiting Latvia who are interested in learning the basics of painting. You can learn to paint in oil, pastel, acrylic paints and watercolours. This course will enable you to make decisions based on subject, technique and colours, and to give you the basics you need to continue an interest in painting.

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