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     Bobsleigh in Riga

Why must you go Bobsleighing in Riga with Travel Out There?

  • This is not a modified boblsleigh it is the real thing!  Real skates, real driver, real track, unreal experience!!
  • Reach up to 100 Km/hr and 5 G! 
  • Fewer than 10 places in the world this activity is available.
  • Option to ride on the Tourist Bobsleigh as an extra.
  • Enjoy beautiful views of Sigulda from the viewing tower.
  • Bobsleigh has been a top seller for Travel Out There - check out some of our Riga bobsleigh reviews.


Track and sled specs: 
Track length: 1420 metres 
Winter bobsleigh speed: over 110Km/h (hit 5 G!) 
Fastest Riga Out There Bobsleigh Track time: 46.6 seconds . 

The Riga bobsleigh drivers from the Latvian National Bobsleigh team have teamed up with Travel Out There to run you off the edge and down a thrilling world championship bobsleigh track, located in Sigulda. Prepare to hurtle down the Riga bobsleigh track at over 100 km/h for a high intensity bobsleigh ride in Riga that will simply blow you away!!

There are fewer than 10 places in the world where this is possible for the general public - one of them is in Latvia! Sigulda Bobsleigh.As you hit the last corner named ''The Wall'', for obvious reasons, you can hit up to 5G!! G-force is the pressure that gravity exerts on an object when it is accelerating relative to freefall. 


Gravity at sea level: 1g

Rising lift: 1.14g
Braking in a sports car: 1.3g
Sneeze: 3g
Cough: 3.5g
Crowd jostle: 3.6g
Roller coaster: up to 4g
Slap on back: 4.1g
Formula One: 5g
Luge / Bobsleigh : 5.2g
Hop off step: 8.1g
Aerobatic plane/fighter jet: 9-12g


  • 1 x run on the 4-man bobsleigh!
  • Option to ride on the Tourist Bob in addition
  • English Speaking Guide & Transfers

Please Bring:

  • Warm clothes, gloves and a groovy wooly hat


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