Riga Team Building

 Liene Reizniece - Your Partner in  Riga 



If you are planning a team building event or INCENTIVE IN RIGA then look no further! We would like to introduce you to Liene Kukaine, Travel Out There's Local Event Manager in Riga. Liene joined the team in 2010 and is the general director of operations and also the one arranging the tours in Latvia. With over five years experience in the travel industry, and a lifetime of living in Riga, she knows all there is to know about the city and can make any idea you might have come alive!   Require further information? CONTACT LIENE or call 00 44 208 123 2077.  



Travel Out There has put together a wide range of TEAM BUILDING IDEAS in Riga, and have experience of arranging incentives in Riga for businesses and non-profit organisations, designed with the end goal of improving the team's performance. Our exciting and unique Riga team bonding activities help to bond members of your company's team and, as a result, promote its organisational development.


Our Team Building events in Riga have been designed with problem solving and decision making exercises, trust exercises and group-dynamic games in mind.  We've developed an exciting City Snakes and Ladders game that combines sightseeing with team building through tasks that will take you from one point in the city to the other. Another Riga favourite is Wacky Races that instill competitiveness and team management at the same time. Try your curling skills and beat the opposite team or learn how to make traditional pelmeni in hands-on cooking workshop.