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The Europe’s only museum dedicated to the Sun is in Riga!

There are no two similar nations or cultures in this world. However, the Sun is equally significant in many cultures around the globe, and people depict it in many different ways. We welcome you to the Museum of the Sun to see for yourself the diversity of ways how humans see the Sun!

There are more than 380 different sun wall decors, clocks and mirrors in the collection of the Sun museum from many countries from all continents, and a special exhibition of suns made by Latvian artists and craftsmen specially for Sun museum.

Each visitor receives a white plaster sun as a gift from the museum and is invited to paint it at the museum’s creative studio. One by one these small suns are spreading all over the world accompanied by pleasant memories. Before leaving it’s a must to stop at the museum’s souvenir shop and check out the original items made by the local artists, so you can take a bit of light and warmth along with you.

Come to the Museum of the Sun to find your own one!  


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