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Will receive:

  • English Speaking Guide & Transfers
  • Guided tour
  • Coffee break  in Jurmala's restaurant
  • Optional: lunch in wooden restaurant

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

4 hour(s)

Welcome to Riga and Jurmala’s rich wooden architectural heritage. Our excursion will take you down to the most hidden and secret places of these towns. You will admire not only magnificient 19th and 20th century dwelling houses with spacious apartments, balconies, terraces, beautiful churches but also the longest log cabin restaurant ever built in Europe.

Maskavas street, the former Jewish ghetto, one of the most tragic place of Latvia's world war II, was also the place where workers built numerous wooden houses at the turn of the 20th century.

Lido Krasta restaurant, built in 1999 by Guntars Kirsons is the longest log cabin in Europe and the most popular eating place in Riga with a replica of an ancient windmill. The interior is beautifully decorated with antique Balt symbols.

The tour will then take you to Pardaugava, the left side of the city. The guide will walk you along Victory Park and Arcadia Park neighboring numerous amazing wooden streets, left as they were 100 years ago. You will discover the extent of Riga's vast wooden heritage preserved in spite of two destructive world wars and the long neglect of 50 years of communism.

The last stopover will take you to Jurmala, a town stretching over 30 kilometers. Latvia's wealthy and new rich Russians built their extravagant mansions and dazzling wooden "castles" amid a magnificent pine forest. Jurmala's streets keeps attracting large flocks of tourists from all over Europe, some of them enjoying the most beautiful wooden hotels.