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Camping in Nomad Yurts in Uzbekistian

Travel Out There offers a unique exotic experience in Uzbekistan! Travel to Uzbekistan off the beaten track beyond the historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, away from civilization to the desert steppes and stay in authentic yurt camps. This will make your travel experience complete.

Back many centuries ago wonderers and shepherds used to stay in “yurta”s. A yurt is a tent-like structure with wooden frames and walls made of animal skins or furs. It is an icon of desert nomad traditions. 
Staying and resting in yurt camps is an unforgettable adventure. You will spend evening by the fire with traditional live music performed by local “akyn”, watch the sunrise and ride a camel around the campsite. 
Uzbekistan top rated yurt camps:
- "Aydar" Yurt Camp
- "Safari" Yurt Camp
- "Ayaz-kala" Yurt Camp

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