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    • Myers Briggs Personality Type Test
    • Workshop to optimise different personality types
    • Informative feedback report highlighting observations from workshop


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    • City Code Game on Tablets, Event Manager(s) & Resource Pack
    • Copy of compiled images during the event;
    • Prizes for winning team(s) - Award ceremony;
    • Transfer Options ( 4x4's, segways, boats etc.);
    • Additional Team Building activities incorporated in to the experience if required.
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    • Personal Event Manager
    • Theme idea and consultation
    • Venue search and hire
    • Costume hire and catering
    • Interactive dinners
    • Festive decoration and themes
    • Fantastic venues
    • Multiple entertainment options
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    • Accommodation and Venue search & reservation
    • Meeting Facilitation / Guest Speakers on request
    • Catering Management including Gala Dinners
    • Full Transfer Services
    • Stage, PA, Lighting and Filming
    • Conference branding and Registration
    • Presents and gifts
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    • Personal Event Manager
    • Free consultations
    • Full events service
    • all the extras required to make the event a resounding success.
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    • Travel Out There has been carefully nurturing relationships with the best hotels, inspiring venues & country houses in and around the city.
    • Accommodation & Venue Finding and Booking Service
    • Excellent rates
    • Multiple of options for agreed budget.
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    • Meeting Room / Venue search and Hire
    • Catering Managment
    • Construction of Exhibition booths if required according to the design and instructions of stand holders
    • Exhibtion / meeting branding
    • On site staff & registration
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 Vilnius Team Building

 Arvydas Silva - Your Partner

 in Vilnius



If you are planning a corporate team building event or INCENTIVE IN VILNIUS then look no further! We would like to introduce you to Arvydas Silva, Travel Out There's Local Event Manager in Vilnius. Arvydas joined the team in February 2013, and has over 8 years experience working in the travel industry in Lithuania. Working first as a travel agent, he later started working as head of the MICE department. Arvydas knows the business and his Vilnius, and is happy to put together any incentive you wish for.   Require further information? CONTACT ARVYDAS or call 00 44 208 123 2077.  



For a team bonding activity to be worthwhile it has to be interesting, beneficial and motivating for everyone involved. All of our TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES activities in Vilnius have been designed to stimulate problem solving, decision making, trust and group dynamic as well as to be fun and memorable. Our dedicated Vilnius Out There’s Team will put together a suitable program for you based on your wishes and requirements. You can also combine your team building with a prestigious Gala dinners or any other corporate event. Vilnius Out There will be happy to accommodate you!  


The team building alternatives in Vilnius are endless. Embark on a game of City Snakes and Ladders, Create Your Own Film together or try pitching your ideas in The Dragon's Den. All of our Vilnius team building incentives can be custom made and adapted to your specific requirements and wishes. We are also happy to incorporate your company's brand, as well as CSR elements if you wish.