00 44 208 123 2077
  • Obraz11.png

    • The painting activity along the description above
    • Groups of ca 10 people each
    • 1 professional painter for each 2 groups 
    • Tools: paints, brushes, other tools required, aprons, colourful hats, protective plastic layer for the floor..
    • More Information
  • 1551692_691102187590958_636839314_n.jpg

    • Travel Out There English speaking guide
    • Cold snacks - sweet & salty, with tea/coffee and glass of wine/bottle of beer per person


    • More Information
  • big gun shooting.JPG

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Professional instructor
    • 25 shots(10 on Sport Rifle; 10 on AK47; 25 on Polish Uzi; 5 on Shotgun)
    • More Information
  • Presidential_Palace_Warsaw_by_night_jpg-seo.jpg

    1. Warsaw city stroll is set in the central, historic part of the city thus enabling you to visit some of the landmarks.
    2. The walk lasts up to 2,5 hours.
    3. Starting and finishing point is the same for every group (ca 4 people each).
    4. The aim of the stroll is to learn about Warsaw's past and present in the enjoyable way with licensed guides who share the great knowledge of Warsaw but have also a talent to listen to people and answer their questions, doubts…
    5. In the end of the walk all teams  meet together in a cosy place for coffee/hot chocolate and pastries and afterwards they return with 1 guide to the hotel.

    • More Information
  • 13.png

    • English speaking instructors/s (animator/s)
    • transport
    • training how to operate the equipment.
    • More Information
  • 26123_000802c98ccc09a49c000c.jpg

    •  English-speaking guide & Transfers
    • Equipment
    • Referee/instructor
    • Event management and location preparation
    • More Information
  • com.png

    • 3h activity 
    • communist vans with drivers
    • cooking dumplings in a milk bar
    • maps, materials, objects
    • visit of the Museum of Life under Communism 
    • More Information
  • akuf.jpg

    • at least 2hrs of beer tasting
    • experience of getting to know more about beer
    • professional English speaking beer taster
    • More Information
  • 11012351_1091981037486915_7087949003903575035_n.jpg

    • Event Manager
    • Return Transfers
    • All necessary equipment and overalls
    • More Information
  • Bistro Warszawa outside.jpg

    • 3 course served meal
    • coffee, tea, still water, fruit juice
    • More Information
  • Obraz1.png

    • The whole session with 4-5 intructors,
    • 100 hypoalergic, washable paints,
    • 150 brushes, brocade.
    • 3 models up to 2 hrs in bikinis (or naked torso in case of a man)
    • More Information
  • DSC_0049.JPG

    2 hours bowling & shoe hire
    1 x 0.5 litre beer
    Light Snacks
    English speaking guide

    • More Information
  • Enigma-logo.jpg

    • different tasks:
    • to count something you see and after creating an algorithm to implement this result in the search of next steps/questions/tasks
    • to find a newsboy who will have a newspaper with some advert especially published for the teams,
    • to react properly along this advert
    • to collect puzzles which will construct the final Enigma board
    • to visit of a real Enigma machine in Warsaw
    • to answer a mysterious phone call in a phone booth
    • to decode a board game "electronic brain" which will show the next station of the game...
    • to count how many metro lines are at one station, And the correct answer will be a hint to next steps
    • to visit of a real Enigma machine in Warsaw
    • 2 farewell drinks included (coffees or beers)
    • a piece of cake on the way
    • entrance to the highest sightseeing terrace in Warsaw
    • and really more suprises...
    • More Information
  • well.png

    • all puzzles (ca 2 m high letters, ca 30 cm thick) - 8 letters in different shades of red colour, each letter consisting of 30 puzzles
    • transfer of the letters to the team building venue
    • lunch with drinks (soft drinks, coffee, goulash soup, bread and some sweets
    • Team Building Supervisor
    • Travel Out There English speaking assistance for the whole event
    • More Information
  • travel out there 2011 (2)2.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Bungee jump
    • Shot of Polish vodka
    • More Information
  • team build.jpg

    • English-speaking Event Manager
    • Code game experience
    • Prizes for winning team
    • Tablets will be provided for each team
    • Local Partnership agreement with Charity
    • Event Management team
    • More Information
  • 132.jpg

    • The game includes:
    •  Rental of Polish Fiat cars
    •  materials and quests
    •  event scenario


    • More Information
  • 23403_City snakes and ladders1.jpg

    • More Information
  • DSC_05212.JPG


    • More Information
  • degustacja.png

    • More Information
  • 173.jpg

    • More Information
  • DSC_0524.JPG

    • More Information
  • 28845_23359_23356_23353_csr-project-195.jpeg

    • More Information
  • Krumplipucolasweb1.jpg

    • More Information
  • hala curlingowa 02.jpg

    • slow motion but quickly energizing emotions.
    • experience not to be forgotten
    • permanent coffee break
    • More Information
  • dawne-smaki.jpg

    • More Information
  • DSC_01783.JPG

    • Tailored NO PHONE Experience, specially suited to your company’s needs and routines.
    • Event Manager
    • No Phone experience
    • More Information
  • Nyska.jpg

    - enigma,  gingerbread decoration, perfume, brushes brooms, restauramt imitating the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw
    - maps, materials, objects
    - game coordination
    - tickets to the Palace of Culture and Science and Photoplasticon
    - vodka shot in the bar

    - driving in historic Nysa 522 vans 

    • More Information
  • images10.jpg

    • More Information
  • 20170316_065757.jpg

    • More Information
  • Einstein1.jpg

    • More Information
  • warsaw way.jpg

    • Customised City Code Experience
    • Event Management Team
    • More Information
  • DSC_0298.jpg

    • Great time full of fun
    • City Game in which everybody will become an expert on Polish dumplings
    • More Information
  • Especially for your group we are preparing a football match:

    • 7 to 8 players
    • competitors of the similar age
    • water
    • medical first kit
    • English speaking referee
    • More Information
  • Obraz11.jpg

    9: 30- 10:00 Arrival of guests, welcome on the terrace restaurant
    10: 00- 24:30 Golf Academy:
    10:00 - 10:30 Introduction to the game of golf, golf equipment presentation, demonstration of the game
    Participants are divided into 3 groups - each deals with a different coach.
    Group I: 10:30 - 11:10 Training of long strokes on Driving Range
    Group II 10:30 - 11:10 Training of short strokes on the Putting Green
    Group III: 10:30 - 11:10 Training of precision strikes on Chipping Green
    After 40 minutes, change positions, so that everyone can try a different kind of beats
    12:30 -13: 30 Lunch on the terrace over the Grand Lake
    13:30 - 14:30 Golf Competition
    Competition (2 to choose): Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin or Best Putt
    Competition results
    14:30 Presentation of certificates, farewell to the participants.



    BQ ribs with sauce,
    Pork neck marinated in beer and thyme
    Grilled chicken with herbs de Provence
    The choice of grilled sausages, bacon
    Grilled vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions
    Baked potatoes, pickles, breads, sauces

    Drinks: tea. coffee, juices, water


    • More Information
  • 27044_grafitti workshop berlin 28.jpg

    • More Information
  • Kiowa-Sunset.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Licensed pilot
    • 30min flight
    • More Information
  • chopin 01.jpg

    • coach transfer (if your budget permits the transfer can be organized in horse carriages)
    • English speaking guide/s
    • entrance to Chopin's museum
    • tasks to be completed in teams
    • a short piano recital in Royal Gardens of Lazienki
    • More Information
  • simulators.png

    • English speaking Travel Out There Assistant
    • Professional instructions
    • simulators:

    *movavle F1 cockpit (4 pieces)
    *movale WRC simulator (2 pieces)
    *Batak - reflex simulator (1 piece)
    *Duplex - double reflex  simulator (1 piece)
    *Hexapod - professional racing simulator

    • 1 compare (announcer)
    • 1 dj
    • 5 hostesses
    • rental of a conference hall - sound system, lights, arrangement of the venue in Formula I style
    • permanent coffee break for all day (11 AM - 7 PM) - coffee, tea, mineral water, juices, bisquits
    • 4 course lunch
    • open bar for 6 hrs (you are allowed to drink alcohol if you wish because you will be driving only simulators) - white vodka, 2 kinds of wine, beer, soft drinks (juices, water, beverages), glasses, decoration, fruits, barman
    • More Information
  • Golf lesson in Riga

    • More Information
  • gokart.png

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Professional instructions
    • 4 drives for each person,
    • diplomas for everybody
    • medals for winners
    • More Information
  • kayaking 2.png

    • Transport of kayaks, instructors, life jackets
    • Kayaking ca 3 hours
    • 3 course lunch with basic drinks: water, tea, coffee
    • More Information
  • lipdub.jpg

    • English speaking Event Manager
    • Shooting a music clip
    • Customes wardrobe and wig collection
    • Make up and hair styling
    • Create choreography
    • Finally video clip shooting
    • More Information
  • grilled menu - service for min. 2 hrs drinks

    • More Information
  • lunch in the old town.jpg

    3 course meal with tea or coffee and mineral water

    • More Information
  • Warownia Jomsborg.jpg

    Will receive:
    •  Welcome mead
    • demonstration of sword fighting
    • Medieval games: - historical archery - for all
      - Throwing an ax to target (one on one)
      - Tug of war (team per team)
      - Dragging the border (team per team)
      - Tug of war on stumps (one on one)
      - Fight with bags of hay (one on one)
      - Fight for  the skin a boar (4-5 persons teams)
      - Fight with safe foam swords (one on one)
      - Warrior competition (for men only!)
      - Dressing - anyone can set up chain mail, helmet, pick up a sword, shield and
         take a picture.
      - Stocks (historical - have taken part in the movie "Old Tale" - a gift from the director J. Hoffman) - for all
      - Torture chair - for all
    • English-speaking TOT assistant
    • Event management
    • min. 11 perfomers in historical dresses
    • Medieval Lunch: sausages 100 servings
      pork 100 servings
      chicken 100 servings
      grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms) 100 servings
      lard with cracklings and
      white bread and wholemeal, pickled cucumbers, mustard and ketchup
      Greek salad (lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, olives, spices trays and disposable cutlery), disposable cups.
    • Soft drinks: kvass 36 x 0,5 l = 18 liters
      fruit juices, 18 x 1 L = 18 liters
      mineral water carbonated and non-carbonated 2 x 15 l = 30 liters
    • Alcohols: 24 bottles (750 ml) of mead "JomsViking".
      3 barrels of beer 50 liters (300 beers) - "Kasztelan" unpasteurized.
    • Toilet Toy-toy type "VIP" with sink, lighting, paper towels and soap) set in a discrete location.
    • More Information
  • ab7b936e806661264d278b580930d03e.jpg

    • a show
    • driving
    • driving lesson
    • experience to be remembered for ever
    • More Information
  • travel out there 2011 (24)12.jpg

    • Great nightlife adventure in a music club or in a pub/club crawl.
    • Whatever theme you decide to choose you will have it: jazz music, latino dances or even pole dance show.
    • A pub crawl game where you don't need a dice but a special t-shirt for stamping.
    • More Information
  • festivals2.jpg

    • English Speaking Guide,
    • Entrance to the Best Clubs and Bars.
    • More Information
  • IMG_97944.jpg

    •  English-speaking guide
    • Transfer to & fro
    • Equipment; 200 bullets
    • Professional instructions
    • More Information
  • DSC_03671.JPG

    • More Information
  • travel out there 2011 (51)1.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfer
    • Exclusive venue resrevation
    • Instructor
    • 17 shots (5 on Glock; 2 on Shotgun; 10 on Russian Margolin)
    • More Information
  • new-sprinter-long9 (1).jpg

    • More Information
  • reduta 1.png

    The rental includes:

    • buffet dinner
    • open bar  6h - mineral water, soft drinks, beer, white and red wine, vodka, whisky Johnnie Walker Red Label
    • curtains (white, black or bordeux)
    • interior scenography of lights
    • soft padding conference chairs 
    • chair covers
    • fully covered tables
    • waiter and bar service
    • cloak room with staff
    • cleaning service at time of the event
    • professional safeguard

    doesn't include

    • lighting of facades
    • sound system, multimedia, dj
    • stage platform
    • More Information
  • Sigma yachts.jpg

    • transfer to and from the Sailing Club
    • guidance of Travel Out There Assistant for the whole day
    • 4-person teams,
    • 1 hour of training,
    • 5 Sigma 600 Club yachts, 5 instructors, the jury, trophies, medals, diplomas, Water Rescue Service
    • 3 course lunch at the local Club Canteen with basic drink package: water, juices, coffee and tea
    • More Information
  • Water Relaxation Spa in Riga

    • More Information
  • IMG_20140404_143339.jpg

    cost includes:

    • pier's boards/planks,
    • beams,
    • impreganation of wood, nails, screws, bolts,
    • digger,
    • instructors,
    • transfers of the staff and equipment,
    • organization of the event
    • More Information
  • 20130410_1438091.jpg

    • 1-3 hour rickshaw with driver 
    • Should rickshaws not be available we will provide Bicycle Rental
    • City Code Game with Ipads
    • More Information
  • sword.jpg

    • the adventurous walk round the streets of the Warsaw’s Old City 
    • the proper balance of fun and knowledge of the city’s past and present
    • the assistance of fancy-dressed English speaking guides
    • the local paper’s add about your group’s city game
    • relaxed atmosphere and plenty of room for your creativity
    • a snack and hot drink (in memorable surroundings)
    • the opportunity to sit the iron throne
    • physical exercise
    • the sightings of some of the landmarks (possibly from unusual perspectives)
    • team-building activities and competitive spirit
    • souvenirs for all the participants and rewards for the winners
    • More Information
  • Iza-Kowalewska-fot.-Jacek-Poremba.jpg

    • More Information
  • first aid.jpg

    First aid classes How to help victims in different cases? Mini-training will be implemented in the form of outdoor activities. Program includes basic techniques and medical aid (bone injuries, fainting, excessive heat, transport of a victim, equipped first aid kit). Concentrator - walking through the grounds of the farm in accordance with the instructions given by azimuths and maps. Water Activities - participants must find a pontoon, swim to a raft, solve two logical tasks (can be in your company's specialization) and return to the shore.

    • More Information
  • Sushi Workshop.jpg

    •  Professional cook
    • Ingredients
    • Activity.


    • More Information
  • tandem_skydive.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Professional instructions
    • Tandem skydive
    • 1 beer
    • More Information
  • muzeum_powstania_warszawskiego.jpg

    • More Information
  • warsaw.png

    • More Information
  • 18402_tramway-1901.jpg

    • More Information
  • IMG_2446.JPG

    • English-speaking guide
    • Professional instructor
    • 10 shots – sport gun

    • 15 shots – Glock 17 gun

    • 10 shots – AK 47 Kalasznikow

    • 5 shots – Colt 1911 gun

    • 5 shots - shotgun

    • More Information
  • Obraz12.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Private river/lake cruise
    • Private bar
    • Dinner with open bar
    • More Information
  • DSC_02292.JPG


    • More Information
  • Cucumber .jpg


    • More Information
  • 1977249_404590683011634_885254575_n.jpg

    • ability to fly
    • feeling of space wind and speed of life
    • unusual experience of being much later than seconds ag
    • More Information
  • warszawiank.jpg

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfer
    • Entrance fee to the complex
    • More Information
  • CurlingRocks.jpg

    • More Information
  • antila.jpg

    • Charter of 3 Antila 24 yachts and 3 instructors, the jury, trophies, medals, diplomas, Water Rescue Service.
    • Time - min. ca 3 hrs
    • 3 course lunch with basic drink package: water, juices, coffee and tea included
    • More Information
  • 26863_20773_zorb-football3.jpeg

    • English Speaking Guide
    • Up to 10 Zorbs
    • Water
    • More Information

Warsaw Incentive Agency

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Travel Out There’s unique and highly innovative WARSAW INCENTIVES, include our popular Interactive City Games, our Graffiti Workshop, and the unique chance to Run YOur Own Cocktail Bar. Travel Out There Events Management Team in Warsaw will not only show you the best the city has to offer, but we will make sure that it will be a really memorable experience for your team.

CONTACT PIOTR our incentive agency manager in Warsaw or call 00 44 208 123 2077

Warsaw, the captivating capital of Poland is sometimes referred to as the Phoenix city, referring to how many times it has been destroyed and then rebuilt. There is no place quite like Warsaw, a city that offers a intriguing mix of old and new, fascinating history and vibrant modernity. Although it might not be the most beautiful city it has an energy and a constant developing that will leave you fascinated.

At Travel Out There we do not believe in selling off the shelf experiences, but to develop the incentive and TEAM BUILDING closely together with you, to find the best solution for your team and company. With Travel Out There's Warsaw Incentives you can always expect that your incentive will exceed all expectations and have a lasting impact on everyone involved. We value each and every corporate client with the utmost importance and understand that we are acting as an extension of your company! 
In our opinion, the best Warsaw incentives should aways be combined with an authentic dining option. Travel Out There's Catering and Event Management Team can offer you the best banquet options and venues Warsaw has to offer. No matter if you are looking for something ecxlusive or laid back our professional team will be happy to accommodate you. Hold a three-course gourmet dinner in one of Warsaw's most posh venues, or embark on a Beer tasting tour followed by a relaxed dinner in some of Warsaw's best restaurants. We will suggest you the best venue based on your wishes and organize everything necessary to make your Warsaw Incentive a pleasant and stress-free experience.