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This outline is for a generic three-day programme with outdoor activities to make it fully experiential. The detailed content will vary depending on the leadership behaviours and attributes developed for each E and P.  Click for more info about the E's and P of Leadership and our Leadership Development Overview.



Connection Video: What is your philosophy on Leadership
Welcome Welcome and Context: CEO / Senior Leader
Big Picture  Walk through pictorial agenda and learning journal. 
360 Profile  Go through your 360 with others.
 Energy  Energy activation
  Big picture and Plenary Discussion: Get common understanding 
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts
  Be Proactive – Stimulus gap Response. Being response-able
  Positive Mind Management – Adopting the attitude of a leader
  Create an Identity Statement - describe the best you as a leader
  Focusing Energy - Where to focus in order to deliver the biz strategy and be a leader 
 Passion Big picture and Plenary Discussion: Get common understanding
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts
  Bringing passion to the workplace: how to bring passion to work and the impact it has
  Identifying your Passion - discovering the deep passion within you. 
  Identify your Values: what are the critical things you value and believe in life as a leader
  Growing your Passion- Commit to doing things you are passionate about in your calendar
  Radiating your Passion: Show the business when it is a “Bitter” and “Better” place. What must you do to create the better place? 
Energiser  Energiser activity
  Big picture and Plenary Discussion: Get common understanding 
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts 
  Align to the business – clarify and articulate your understanding of the companies Vision; Mission; Values; Strategy; Desired Culture & Changing Environment
  Leadership Levels and Responses – derive what a leader does and is at each level
  Presentations – prepare, present and get feedback on how well you articulate the companies purpose and your role / the role of your team 
  Presentation II – run your second presentation and receive feedback. Build confidence in the team
Ethics Big Picture: Provide a reminder of Ethics make additions for further thought.
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts 
  The ethical stance within our business – compare and reach mutual understanding
  Iceberg Analogy: You are judged on your behaviour not your intent
  The Emotional Bank Account: Introduce the concept and consequences of the EBA.
Edge Big Picture: Provide a reminder of Edge 
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts 
  Activity on Edge
  Edge examples: What examples are in the near future and mid term? What do we have to do in order to lead the strategy?
  Edge Framework: GRID 
  Video – why we need edge. Ask: how many of you are dealing with the “today” management actions at the expense of the “tomorrow” leadership needs? 
Execute  Big Picture: Provide a reminder of Execute and the 5 attributes.
  Read their 360: Think about and share thoughts 
  Activity on Execute
  Leaders Perspective: Leader to give his perspective on the importance of this element and how it connects to our Strategy and personal Reviews 
  Align Objectives and Commitments with time – Discern the difference between activity and productivity and link to everyday decisions and choices of task and time management etc.
  Personal reflection and Commitments: Reflect on scores / your model / key learning.
  Postcards: Decide on 6 final and resolute commitments and write them on postcards.
  Diary Commitments: Open your diary and align to the Execute philosophy with your 6 key actions AND your day to day roles and responsibilities. Upgrade your schedule
Review Reflect on all the learning and your commitments.
Close Sat in a circle delegates state; their main learning; call to action and message to the team.