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  • Client: ACCURAY International Sarl
  • Group size: 90 Pax
  • Destination:  Budapest
  • Event: Cooking course and cocktail making workshop followed by dinner

  ACCURAY International Sarl  Incentive



“We have received good feed-back. Thank you very much for your help!“

-JHélène Binaghi-



Country: Switzerland


Description of Event (The Program):

What do you have to know about our programs?

The kitchen capacity allowed for 50 people to cook together. If we have a bigger team we provide more activities at once. The basic program took about 3-4 hours; It was recommended to start latest 6pm-7pm. During the program the hosts took care of the cleaning, serving, and help to find your needs in the kitchen.

Hungarian dishes step by step
During this program the participants cooked together with the chef who explained and teached how to make a perfect taste of Hungary by themselves. The cooking was led by 3 professional chefs, they went around and helped, gave advice, made corrections.
Preparing cocktails with a professional bartender
This was an entertaining show about cocktails, along with cocktail-tasting and also a game! Everyone could learn new tricks and preparation methods here, so in the future the participants will be able to surprise your friends with some smart ideas.
- Cocktails from the 1920s to this day
- Introduction to the tools of the bartender
- Home-made alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: tricks and decorations
- Preparing and getting to know to popular standard drinks
- Learning about shots and flaming drinks
- A game with drink-prizes
- A few minutes of spectacular drink-mixing
The flow of the events is the following:
Each group took part in the following programs: Cooking program and Cocktail workshop.
Every program took 1,5 hour.
There was a 3-course menu prepared; each team received the task of making 1 course. The first team made the starter and the dessert; the second team made the main course.
The cooking was led by 3 professional chefs, they went around and help, gave advice, made corrections if necessary.
The cocktail program was led by a professional bartender.
- Potato soup with sheep cheese, bacon chips and chive-pesto
- Hungarian roast beef with fried onions, celery-potato purée and paprika sauce
- Cottage cheese pie “Rákóczi” style
Gastro drink package 
- Welcome drink 
- Wine selection 40 bottles: Dúzsi Rozé (2014), Laposa Friss (2014), Figula Zenit (2014), Ikon Merlot (2012), St. Andrea Akutyafáját (2012) 
- Beer selection 60 bottles (Heineken, Dreher) 
- Coca Cola soft drinks and homemade lemonade 
- Mineral water 
- Coffee – Nespresso 
- Tea 
A the end of the activity the waiters served the cooked 3 courses meal  in the restaurant part of the school.