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Restaurants in Amsterdam

by Anna-Marie de Ridder - Your Partner in Amsterdam

While the Dutch cuisine might be most known for its sweets, cheeses and the strange habit of eating french fries with mayonnaise, Amsterdam is in fact home to 98 Michelin starred restaurant and will offer a real gastronomic treat to any food lover. 

Below we have listed our top choice of restaurants in Amsterdam. For more restaurant reviews and restaurants reservations in Amsterdam, please don’t hesitate to contact Amsterdam Out There.

Gourmet Restaurants 

At D'Vjiff Vlieghen you can revel in authentic 17th century interior and original Rembrandt etchings while appreciating the finest Dutch ingredients served up in a modern and creative way. The Michelin starred Vermeer combines an elegant setting with an extensive wine list and a beautiful á la carte menu put together by their daring and ingenious chef.

Laid-back Restaurants

At Lucius you can enjoy some of the best fish and seafood the city has to offer in a relaxed and friendly ambiance.




Traditional Restaurants

If you want to experience a true local meal we recommend De Sliveren Spiegel or Haesje Claes, where you can indulge in old-fashioned Dutch food in a beautiful historical atmosphere. For a more modern touch try Greetje, that serves traditional Dutch dishes in a new light, and everything is organic and additive free.


Amsterdam Out Tthere can also help you arrange a gala dinner in one of Amsterdam's many venues.