Will receive:

  • Client: APM Terminals
  • Group size: 100 Pax
  • Destination:  Amsterdam
  • Event: Conference Workshop 
  • Services: Science of Persuasion workshop


Event Objectives 

1. people realize the importance of assertiveness/persuasion in their roles if they want to get things done.  

2. to go home with some easy tips/tricks that can be applied in their jobs 

3. Having some fun together!

Testimonial from event participants:

  • “The workshop was loads of fun and placed many of us out of our comfort zone and "forced" interaction and participation. I learned personally I am not a wise investor, but have purchased several perfect parent for the upcoming holidays”


  • “It afford everyone to see what we are doing that makes change in behavior at work place difficult, what we as leaders in our various capacity need to improve to get the attention of all with respect to safe work practice and transformation change. The manner with which the game was organized closely manifest our actions at work and what can be done to improve.”