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Will receive:

  • supplying special equipment
  • security instructions
  • professional supervision
  • professional teachers
  • location rent
  • event manager 


  • 16 years old (until 18 years written permit necessary)
  • bodyweight from 50 to 110 kg
  • physical health
  • broad footwear
  • casual/athletic clothing (adjusted to the weather) 

On to of Berlin

While you go down from the highest buildings of Germany´s capital, rush of adrenalin rises even higher. You can choose between two adventures:


-         "rappelling": You walk down one of Berlin´s giants. While being “face down” you will have a breathtaking view of the capital...

-         "flying": You will “fly” downwards from on of the highest buildings in the heart of Berlin. Connected to a special construction, there is nothing to worry about.


Dare yourself and make your trip to Berlin to an unforgettable experience.


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