7 Unique Berlin Team Building Activities

At Travel Out There, we have a wide variety of Berlin team building options, however we have listed some of our favourtie teambuilding activities in Berlin below for you to get a taster of what you can expect.

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Arne Krasting
Your trusted Team Building Provider in Berlin

Arne joined the team in 2013 and with over 15 years of experience as both the founder and CEO of a really creative Berlin Team Building Agency, he leads our team of event professionals in Berlin. His expertise in organising and operating Berlin Team Building Activities together with his love for the German capital makes him the perfect manager for any type of Berlin Team Building. When he is not working he spends every free minute enjoying the culture, history and food of the city. As a matter of fact, he is currently writing a book about the Berlin cuisine.


Kick Start with Panoramic View

Have you ever dreamt about floating 100 metres above Berlin enjoying a 360° view of the most exciting city of Europe as a team building in Berlin Experience?


We offer you a short walk across the vibrant Potsdamer Platz, before we go up 100 metres to enjoy the most stunning panoramic view of Berlin. We extend our visit by serving exclusive champagne and delicious food. 

The Panoramic View at the Potsdamer Platz is the perfect start for a great time in Berlin and bring your team together!


Something Different

There is a hero in all of us! Spend a day with the "shadowsof the stars learning how to survive a man-fight à la Jackie Chan, descend down a building in true MI-fashion, or escape your enemy with a Bruce Will-esque dive roll. This is very creative and engaging teambuilding activity in Berlin. 


Indoor Beach Experience

Looking for a more competitive and sporty teambuilding activity in Berlin. Berlin's Indoor Beach centre covers over  2,600sqm and is the perfect place to enjoy beach games a bit of summer when it is cold outside.  A fantastic team building experience in Berlin for all those involved.


Daytrip to Potsdam

Make a day trip to Berlin's neighbouring city Potsdam, the  old residential city of the Hohenzollern family, dynasty of Prussian kings is a cultural and informative teambuilding activity in Berlin.  Sometimes taking some time to relax and enjoy the sights gives your teambuilding in Berlin agenda more 'breathing space'.


A Taste of Berlin

Food unites and anyone wanting a tasty team building activity in Berlin then is the option for you! Berlin is not only the German haute cuisine, it also is the new epicentre of the fresh culinary ideas in Europe. Join us on our tour through old and new Berlin cuisine! 


Top Seller: Graffiti Workshop in Berlin

Graffiti is a often, and passionately, debated topic. Some consider it to be art, other just sees it as vandalism. But no matter what opinion you might have about it, graffiti is something that has been present ever since the Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Roman Empire.

This team building activity in Berlin, is also really, really fun. Expressing yourself with a spray can and a white canvas is .. And no you have the chnace to try it yourself, of course in a completely legal way.

It is also a great Berlin team building activity as the team need to work together and communicate and make decision to create the huge art piece. Click here to see more pics of a recent Graffiti workshop in Berlin




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    • On request: Meet up with the former mayor of West-Berlin Walter Momper or the former East-Berlin border guard Harald Jaeger