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Will receive:

A fun and interactive way to explore Berlin as a group.
  • iPad for each group
  • Route along the hotspots of Berlin
  • Individual route for each team
  • Evaluation of Rallye

Would you and your team like to discover Berlin together? Trace the many secrets of this metropolis in a playful and interactive way? Combine urban exploration, creativity and modern technology? If that’s the case,  our Tablet Rallye is the perfect match.

This is how it works: every group gets their own iPad. On this, they do not only find a city map but also many different creative tasks. Skill questions are alternating with creative tasks, humorous searches for pictures and motifs.

While reconstructing the Berlin Wall, searching for a real “piece” of Berlin or giving the best performance of a song about Berlin, creativity always plays a central part! And there are also going to be tasks concentrating on a historical city perspective to offer you a fascinating time travelling adventure.

At the end of the tour everyone comes together at an extraordinary Berlin location. Old or new, east or west, spruced up or ruinous: Berlin is a city with a lot of different facettes and historical layers. With our Tablet Rallye you get the chance to discover them!

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