Will receive:

  • Team building art exercises
  • The artist leading the workshop
  • Protection equipment (glows, respirators, coverall)
  • PVC banner, Canvas or a Car
  • Spray paint
  • Working with a variety of painting media
  • Putting together the completed sections to form a final masterpiece

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

4 hour(s)

Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti Workshop on PVC Banner, Canvas or a Car! Working in small teams, each group will be provided all the materials and equipment to create a masterpiece. For large groups we spilt the groups in teams of around 4-6 people. Each group has a spot on PVC banner where they have a chance to realise their inner artist potential. The idea is - each group is drawing one specific element and in the end all of those make one big & complete art-piece that afterwards you can take away with you and hang in your office, garage, bedroom, etc.

Here we can also create specific templates related to what you do/ your logo/ any other wishes.

In order for the team to work harmoniously on their painting the team will need to communicate, co-operate and exchange ideas and information throughout the session.
The session will start with some fun icebreakers that will also help improve communication and get the creative juices flowing.  The guest graffiti artist will also introduce the range of materials and media available.
Teams have to use artistic and creative skills to produce their part of the artwork, as well as communicating and negotiating with the other teams to put the finished product together. At the end of the session the finished product will be displayed.


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