Drakestraße 1

+49 30 311 7220


Hotel Das Stue, Berlin

A luxury hotel full of inspiring contrasts. Das Stue unites historic ambiance and contemporary design, avant-garde cuisine with relaxing comfort. It can be found in the quiet neighborhood of Tiergarten Park, and respectively the Berlin Zoo, as well as in the heart of Berlin — the most exhilarating metropolis in Germany.

Das Stue offers a withdrawal into the private while at the same time supporting the pursuit of meaningful encounters and enchanting conversations.

In the restaurants and in the bar they strive to entertain their guests with the highest level of culinary creations and beverage culture.

Extracting the best of the past and present, Das Stue creates a deeply personal and truly unique atmosphere of sophistication and style. Here, the tradition of the drawing room, or salon is enriched through meaningful innovation.




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