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Experience the original Berlin Kiez! There are dozens of "Kieze" (neighbourhoods) in Berlin that each form a cosmos of its own. We will guide you through two of the most fascinating city quarters of Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg in the former Eastern part was at the heart of the opposition movement in the GDR.


Today, it is one of the most fascinating quarters of the German capital. Dive into the livelyKastanienallee with its cafés, bars and shops, experience theKulturbrauerei, a former brewery transformed into a cultural place of ateliers, night venues and restaurants, or taste the most famousCurrywurst of Berlin at Konnopke’s.


Kreuzberg, its Western counterpart, is certainly the most multicultural Kiez of Berlin. It is characterized by its large Turkish community, but has drawn people from all over Europe since reunification. Oranienstraße is its main artery, one of the most important night life areas of Berlin. Feel the special atmosphere of Kreuzberg, its old tradition, its international crowd, its many cafés, restaurants and bars, and have the most typical Kreuzberg food of all, the Döner Kebap.

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