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Berlin Nightlife is world famous for it's diversity!! No matter where you come from it is unlikely you have experienced anything like Berlin's nightlife. 
There's no where in the world that can compete with Berlin when it comes to the sheer diversity of it's nightlife. Berlin being a hipster city which means you can find everything from pubs housed in abdandoned buildings to funky beach bars (albeit Spree side and not the seaside). Please ask for a list of Berlin's recommended bars and clubs!  Please also note some of the not so tourist friendly clubs in Berlin.
The clubs in Berlin are dead before midnight and only come to life around 2 or 3 a.m. Most clubs don't even open their doors until 11 p.m., so do as the Berliners do: Get warmed up at a bar before hitting the dance floor. 
There are no fixed closing hours, so you can dance the night away until the sun comes up.
Don't worry too much about dressing up for going out. Most Berlin clubs don't have a dress code. Berliners are relaxed when it comes to style and follow the motto "Anything goes".
What makes Berlin nightlife so brilliant? Berlin has one of the biggest concentrations of Cocktail Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Live Music Venues and Clubs you will find anywhere.
Whatever your taste, be it bohemian, techno, alternative, grunge or even the down right bizarre, Berlin Nightlife will provide the kind of night out you desire.
We know, because we live and party here in Berlin - enjoying 365 Friday nights a year. 
For example, the Party Bus is available for any and all celebrations from Bachelor Parties to bar mitzvahs, as well as for Corporate Bookings. On your private booking you can be driven through the city on a tour of famous Berlin landmarks or to the trendiest clubs in town or to any destination of your choosing.
Underground, avant-garde, progressive, there are many words to describe the club scene in Berlin. From Electro and Pop, to Indie, Rock, and contemporary live music, you can club in Berlin to your heart's content.
So get out on the dance floor, and enjoy an unpretentious, affordable, and unforgettable night in the city that really never sleeps.
Berlin bars & clubs are offering exciting nights out for visitors of all ages and tastes.
You will find out most Berlin clubs & bars in Berlin Old Town, but there are also a lot of excellent cocktail bars, pubs, bars, live music of all kinds and cafes in other parts of the capital.
With safety in mind, and your time in Berlin limited, we are going to guide you through the Berlin nightlife scene, with completely renovated information about lots of the best bars and clubs in the capital. Just click on the name of the bar or club you are interested in, or choose the type of establishment down in the menu.
We offer some of the best eating and drinking experiences Berlin has to offer. From tucking into a private banquet or gourmet buffet or tasting the finest wines from Latin America we.know how to please. As self confessed food lovers we have only the best Berlin has to offer. 

Berlin's food culture is as diverse as its population, to the point where its traditional cuisine often gets overlooked. Heading on a mission to find local food in Berlin can uncover some pleasant surprises, Berlin Out There offers a long list of Restaurants which can be your best option to know how the city tastes.

In an increasingly globalised world, Berlin's restaurants are now offering food and dining possibilities that cover all corners of the world's cuisine. If you have any special requests, just ask! We'll do our best to satisfy. 

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