• accuray_color_rgb.jpg

    • Client: ACCURAY International Sarl
    • Group size: 90 Pax
    • Destination:  Budapest
    • Date: 16th of February, 2016
    • Event: Cooking course and cocktail making workshop followed by dinner
  • APM-Terminals.png

    • Client: APM Terminals
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Dates: 11th November 2014
    • Destination:  Amsterdam
    • Event: Conference Workshop 
    • Services: Science of Persuasion workshop
  • bite.png

    • Client: BITE
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Dates: September 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • booking.png

    • Client: BOOKING-COM
    • Participants: 350 Pax
    • Destination: Berlin, Germany
    • Services: Graffiti workshop, Drum workshop
, Dance workshop
  • bytelife.png

    • Client: ByteLife
    • Participants: 11 Pax
    • Dates: 24th October
    • Destination:  Riga
  • Cabot.jpg

    • Client: Cabot Switzerland GmbH
    • Group size: 24 Pax
    • Dates: 10th of February, 2016
    • Destination:  Riga
    • Event: Curling and Best burger restaurant in Lativa "Zoste"
  • citroen.png

    • Client: Auto-Bon Oy / Citroën Finland
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 19 pax
    • Destination: Riga
  • coke logo.jpg

    • Client: Coca Cola Hellenic
    • Group size: 50 Pax
    • DestinationPrague
    • Dates15.11.2017
    • EventTeam Cooking
  • Codan-logos.jpg

    • Client:  Codan
    • Participants: 25 Pax
    • Destination:  Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Services: Team Building Incentives, Day Time Activties, Transfers and Catering Management
  • cms.png

    • Client: Creative Media Services
    • Participants: 22 Pax
    • Dates: September
    • Destination:  Riga
  • cvc.png

    • Client: CVC
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Group size: 120
    • Dates: June 2016
    • Event: Gala dinner, company summer olympics, Segway Tour


  • cytec_logo1.png

    • Client: CYTEC
    • Group size: 200 Pax
    • Destination:  Riga, Latvia
    • Services: Catering Management, Venue preparation, Entertainment 
  • Edited.jpg

    • Client: Edited
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Destination: Lisbon
    • Dates: 21-25th August
    • EventFull Service Incentive
  • Endress Hauaser.jpg

    • Client: Endress & Hauser
    • Group size: 248 Pax
    • Destination: Madrid
    • Dates20-21.3.2018
  • gtz.png

    • Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH
    • Participants: 83 pax 
    • Destination: Tallinn
    • Duration: 9 Days / 11-19.09.2010
  • FWM.jpg

    • Client: Fast Web Media (London, UK)
    • Group size: 30 Pax
    • Destination:  Amsterdam
    • Services: Conference, Activities, Transfers
  • general_electricAviation_logo.jpg

    • Client: GE Aviation
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 19 pax
    • Destination: Budapest, Hungary 
    • Services: Cooking Course Experience: Transfer , guide assisitane, cooking course experience with dinner and unlimited drink consumption, apron and woodeen spoon as give away gift
  • general_electric_logo1.jpg

    • Client: GE Healthcare
    • Participants: 20
    • Dates: March 2014
    • Destination: Warsaw
  • Google_Logo.png

    • Client: Google
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Destination:  Warsaw, Poland
    • Services: Transfers, Daytime Activities, Dinners and VIP Club night
  • Hershey-s.png

    • Client: Hershey's
    • Group size: 25 Pax
    • Dates:  November 14-15, 2016
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Hershey’s Sales Distributor Forum
    • Services: Transfers, City Rallye, Bavarian Beer Banquet, Graffiti Workshop


  • hp_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Hewlett Packard
    • Participants: 16 Pax
    • Dates: 27th November - 1st December
    • Destination:  Georgia
  • logo_ienggroup.jpg

    • Client: IEng Group
    • Participants: 18 pax
    • Place: Barcelona, Spain
    • Date: March 2015
    • Event type: Meeting, Incentive: Accommodation in 5* hotel, Lunches, Team Building Activity: Tree Top Adventure, Laser Combat Game
  • Ifb.jpg

    • Client: B EFFECTIVE EVENT AGENCY on behalf of IFB
    • Group size: 300 Pax
    • DestinationRiga
    • Dates: June 2016
  • breuninger.png

    • Client: Beuninger
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 18 pax (German)
    • Destination: Riga
  • epson.png

    • Client: Epson
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 13 Pax
    • Dates: September 2010
    • Destination:  Riga


  • 800px-ING-Diba_Logo_2007svg Kopie1.png

    • Client: Incentive for ING-DiBa bank clients
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 70 pax / German
    • Destination: Riga, Latvia - Siauliai, Lithuania
    • Services: Transfers, meals, guided tours, and activities.
  • jansson.png

    • Contractor: World Of Adventure
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 13 pax (Danish)
    • Destination: Riga, Sigulda
  • nutricia logo.jpg

    • Client: Nutricia Polska
    • Project: Conference / Incentive
    • Participants: 135 pax
    • Destination: Tallinn, Estonia 
    • Services: Accommodation, conference rooms, dinners, tour in Tallinn, tour in Lahemaa, lunches, and transfers.
  • logo retriever1.JPG

    • Client: incentive for media monitoring company 'Retriever'
    • Project: Conference / Incentive
    • Participants: 80 pax / Norvegian and Swedish
    • Destination: Riga, Latvia 
    • Services: transfers, meals, conference assistance, daytime activtities and evening entertainment.
  • instant.png

    • Project: Team Building
    • Client: Instant Group
    • Participants: 32 pax (International)
    • Place: Riga
  • ISP logo11.JPG

    • Client: ISP
    • Project: Conference
    • Participants: 40 pax (Multinational)
    • Destination: Riga
  • jitscale.png

    • Client: Jitscale, Netherland
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 22 pax 
    • Destination: Riga
  • KPMG-logo1.jpg

    • Client: KPMG Denmark
    • Participants: 33 Pax
    • Dates: September 2012
    • Destination:  Riga
  • logo-lindorff21.jpg

    • Client: Lindorff
    • Participants: 53 and 63 Pax
    • Dates: September 2013
    • Destination:  Vilnius and Riga
  • McCan.jpg

    • Client: McCan World Group (McCan-Erickson EMEA Ltd)
    • Group size: 57 Pax
    • Dates: 27th Jaunary 2016
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Gourment Cooking Experience incl. Coctail Workshop
    • Services: Two transfers
  • neslte.jpg

    • Client: Nestlé
    • Group size: 40 Pax
    • Dates: 1-2 July 2014
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Incentive
    • Services: Transfers, City rally with award ceremony and catering.
  • NY-choral.png

    • Client: New York Choral Society
    • Country: United States
    • Group size: 95
    • Dates: 6- 16. July
    • Event: Team Building in Budapest and surroungings :  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
  • nielsen.jpg

    • Client: Nielsen
    • Group size: 24 Pax
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Dates: November 2017
    • EventTransfers, Team Cooking, dinner, beverages, Photos & Videos from the event... 
  • nike-logo-198431.jpg
  • nokia.png

    • Client: Nokia Siemens Networks
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 26 pax 
    • Destination: Riga
  • novo-nordisk.png

    • Client: Novo Nordisk
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 20 pax (International)
    • Destination: Riga
      "Thank you very much for your assistance. The event went well and the guests were satisfied with the activities offered."
  • obp1.jpg

    • Client: OBP incentive (Polish Incentive Agency)
    • Participants: 45 Pax
    • Dates: September
    • Destination:  Vilnius
  • OnGame1.jpg

    • Client:  Ongame
    • Participants: 90 Pax
    • Destination:  Tallinn, Latvia
    • Services: Daytime activities and Catering Management
  • Photobox.png

    • Country: Photobox Ltd (UK)
    • Group size: 60 pax
    • Dates: 15th April 2015
    • Event: The Race - Build and Drive Grand Prix
    • Services provided: Transfers,  event organization, evening F&B
  • pg.png

    • Client: P&G
    • Participants: 20 Pax
    • Dates: December 2013
    • Destination: Riga 
  • QT.jpg

    • Client: Quadrotech
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Dates: 15-22nd January
    • EventFull Service Company Retreat
  • Radisson.png

    • Client: Radisson Blu
    • Group size: 13 Pax
    • Dates: 9 Jan 2015
    • Destination:  Riga
    • Event: Company Away day
    • Services: Strategic workshop, creative workshops, catering and culinary workshop with professional chef
  • The_logo_of_RTU_Riga_Business_School11.jpg

    • Client: Riga Business School
    • Participants: 30 Pax
    • Dates: Every Year
    • Destination:  Riga
  • B_1210_Rohde_Schwarz_Logo1.png

    • Client:  Rohde and Schwarz
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Dates: September 2012
    • Destination:  Riga
  • rosenboom.png

      • Client: Rosenboom / Ivka Group, Netherlands
      • Project: Incentive
      • Participants: 12 pax 
      • Destination: Riga
      "We've got a good impression of Riga and are particularly delighted to be working with your company. Next time we will certainly make use of Out There and want to thank you for the excellent cooperation."
  • rovio.png

    • Client: Rovio
    • Project: Team building
    • Participants: 30 Pax
    • Destination: Tallinn
      "We had fun, we had a good times, we had teams being built. QA Approves! Thank you "Travel Out There" for a fun-filled day"."
  • sandvik_logo-300x2491.gif

    • Client: Sandvik incentive
    • Participants: 60 Pax
    • Dates: November
    • Destination:  Budapest
  • 401.jpg

    • Client: Santen Pharma
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 19 pax  
    • Place: Berlin
  • sap.png

    • Client: SAP
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Group size: 110 Pax
    • Dates: 21 April 
    • Event: Filmbuilding activity on Boat Europa, activity followed by Danube cruising and dinner on board


  • Shell_logo.jpg

      • Client: Shell
      • Participants: 25
      • Destination: Tallinn, Estonia
      • Date: September 2016
      • Event type: City Snakes and Ladders, CSR programme


  • Shell_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Shell
    • Participants: 16 Pax
    • Dates: November 2013
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Transfers
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Daytime activties
  • wiseguys.png

      Client: SWG
      Group size: 40-6-30 Pax
      Dates:  22 August, 16 September, 30 September
      1. Get to know Riga -  City code game.
      2. Team-Building for Manegers
      3. Team-building specialised for startup teams.  


  • statoil_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Statoil
    • Group size: 150 Pax
    • Dates: September 2009
    • Destination:  Riga
  • swissotel.png

    • Client:  Swisotel
    • Group size: 8 Pax
    • Project:  Incentive
    • Dates: August 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • TDK.jpg

    • Client: TDK Lambda
    • Group size: 150 Pax
    • DestinationRiga
    • Dates21-24.6.2017
  • merrild.png

    • Client: Merrild
    • Project: Teambuilding 
    • Participants: 27 PAX 
    • Destination: Riga 
  • enl_Thule-Logo1.jpg

    • Client: Thule
    • Participants: 45 Pax
    • Dates: September 2013
    • Destination:  Berlin
  • TOT.png

    • Client: Internal event
    • Group size: 20 Pax
    • Dates: February 2014
    • Destination:  Riga 
  • trondheim.png

    • Client: Trondheim Kommune
    • Participants: 60 Pax
    • Dates: November 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • tui1.png

    • Client: TUI, Hannover
    • Participants: 13 Pax
    • Dates: April 2013
    • Destination: RIga



Berlin DMC (Destination Management)


     Planning an Incentive in Berlin? Check out our Berlin (DMC) Destination Management Guide.


Here's the three reasons why that is a great idea to partner Travel Out There as your trusted DMC partner in BERLIN.

Travel Out There is your trusted Destiantion Management Company (DMC) in Berlin. We have years of experience in organizing conferencescorporate events and teambuilding activities. We have listed the three top reasons why you should host your next conference or incentive in Berlin.

Leading Congress and Conference City

With more than 10 million visitors per year Berlin is the third most visited city in Europe, after London and Paris. In 2012 the German capital hosted close to 124 000 events, with over 10,5 million participants, making it one of the leading meeting destinations worldwide. In fact, Berlin was ranked as the number three convention city in the world in the latest ICCA report. So In other words, this city knows how to host an event and with Travel Out There by your side your conference in Berlin is sure to be a success.  


Perfect location

No matter which part of the world you are coming in from, Berlin is easily accessible. The city has the largest and most modern railway station in Europe and two airports that are well connected with the city centre and offer direct flights from 110 cities worldwide. Furthermore the city has close to 130 000 hotel beds and a wide range of top quality, as well as unusual venues.


Cultural hub and international trendsetter

Berlin is with out a doubt one of the most exciting and coolest cities in Europe right now. With a cultural and historical heritage that could make even Paris jealous this metropolis is sizzling with creativity, culture, science and politics and will serve as the perfect environment for you corporate event. The German capital is the home to 150 theatres, 180 museums, 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites just to name a few and has over 1 500 events on offer everyday. The thriving city is sure to trigger your colleagues’ motivation and inspiration and bring the creative spark into your conference. 

Arne Krasting - Your Partner in Berlin 


Corporate Events in Berlin 

Incentives in Berlin

Hotels in Berlin

Venues in Berlin

Restaurants in Berlin

Photo by: Thomas Wolf, www.foto-tw.de

Photo by: Lars Thulin

Photo by: Lena Thulin

     Why us?

Your professional, personal and passionate Destination Management partner (DMC) in Berlin.

Travel Out There as your DMC in Berlin, will assist you with anything from venue findingorganizing technical equipment and recording the conference to arranging catering, guest speakers and transfer. Our dedicated Destination Management team, located in Berlin, will ensure that your conference is executed in a professional manner while still paying close attention to your wishes and adding that personal touch that reflects your company. We understand that working as a local DMC Berlin we are actually operating as an extension of your company.
Our Berlin Event Managenent professionals can offer you dozens of different and unusual venues for your conference in Berlin. Host your next meeting inside a 100 year old church, in a neo-classical chamber music hall or inside the futuristic building of Axica. Top the conference of with an exclusive gala dinner on top of a parliament building that offer a stunning view and exquisite local cuisine or have a more relaxed get together in Berlin’s oldest beer garden.

Conference Centre Axica

Prater Biergarten

BESL Meistersaal

     Before and after conference

Our local event managers in Berlin will not only help you to organize your conference in Berlin, we are happy to assist you with all the details around it as well! Although there is hardly any risk that you will run out of things to do in this exciting city, our BERLIN DMC TEAM are delighted to aid you in organizing group activities for your company before or after the conference. We offer a wide range of incentives and group activities, from specialized sightseeing tours to interactive team building experiences
We can also arrange hotelsrestaurant bookingsairport transfers and give you inside tips on the best places to go and what to see. 
We at Travel Out There do not see ourselves as yet another  Destination Management Company (DMC) in Berlin. We have proclaimed ourselves to be the world’s first Experience Agency, as we believe that you should not just visit a destination but experience it!  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, extremely high service level and being able to “access the un-accessible”. 
Travel Out There will ensure you that your next company event in Berlin will be an out-of-the-ordinary experience that you and your colleagues will want to tell the whole world about!





 We seek to bring out the best of your team, so you can bring out the best of your business.

Experience it to Believe it



Orchestrate remarkable experiences that inspire change, transform teams and build connections, one business at a time.

  Our Network of Competence is your Confidence



Leaders in their field seeking big ideas, bold vision and best practices.  

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(We like to call them our 3-P's)




Our Code Of Conduct:



Understand the needs of their clients



Maintain a continuous presence, and are accessible throughout each experience.



Strive to create innovative, yet operationally viable, programs and services.



Perform as "orchestral leaders" harmonising all requested services.



Have an intimate knowledge of their destination.



Serve as a professional consultants to their clients, dedicated to the successful achievement of the program’s objective.



Enjoy good relationships with peers, partners and suppliers.



Have the capacity and flexibility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseeable situations.



Respond promptly and thoroughly to all requests (within 24 hours)



Are committed to maintaining integrity and high ethical standards with all parties involved while providing the best possible service in a sustainable fashion.