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4 hour(s)

Berlin is more than just the city: Day trips give a particular spice to the Berlin experience.  

Potsdam is Berlin’s twin city in its south-west and the old residential city of the Hohenzollern family, dynasty of Prussian kings. Sanssouci is the most famous palace, its enormous and beautiful park is of equal fame. Potsdam offers both splendid walks through its palaces and gardens, through its cosy, beautiful old town. Potsdam harbours an ancient Russian colony (Alexandrowka), and it was the arena for the ‘Potsdam Conference’ organizing the postwar order in 1945. It also offers a variety of beautiful venues for lunch break or dinner time. When we enter Potsdam from Berlin, we cross the Glienicker Brücke dividing the two cities exactly where the Iron Curtain had gone down. It served as the famous spy bridge during the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union exchanged political prisoners at this spot which was one of the remotest and best secured spots in the whole world.

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