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Stunt Work Shop

There is a hero in all of us! Spend a day with the "shadowsof the stars learning how to survive a man-fight à la Jackie Chan, descend down a building in true MI-fashion, or escape your enemy with a Bruce Will-esque dive roll. 


In exciting and thrilling workshops you will learn from those indispensible for a good action movie – the stuntmen. Filmpark Babelsberg's crew will teach you the best tips and tricks about exciting stunts. You will overcome great heights and centrifugal forces, learn how to perform a staged fight, and experience fire and speed in thrilling workshops. Try yourself in the daring role of the stuntmen in Berlin and see what realy happens behind the scenes. 


The stunt workshops are a great team-building event where you will learn to put trust in your own abilities and those of your colleagues, friends, and partners. Moreover, participants will experience the indispensability of good communication.


Raft Building

Make your childhood dream come true and go on a rafting tour with Travel Out There Raft Building Experience! Build your own flat, raise your self-made flag and set sails on the River Spree.


Black Light Minigolf

Enjoy Minigolf in a way you never experienced before. Together with the 3D course and black light art, this fluorescent mini-golf creates a truly, surrealistic landscape that lets you indulge in light, colours and special effects.




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