Will receive:

  • Professional guided bike-tour along the hotspots of Berlin's divided history
  • Bike for every attendee
  • Visit of an original watchtower
  • Cinema show about attempts to escape from East-Berlin
  • On request: Meet up with the former mayor of West-Berlin Walter Momper or the former East-Berlin border guard Harald Jaeger 



  • Weather-dependent clothes

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


The people visiting Berlin today because of an attempt to see the life the reunited City often vainly seek for traces of the Wall and the barbwire.


Even locals often fail to identify the exact former course of the Wall. Where has it been? And which stories could this instrument of separation tell you?


Accompanied by a professional guide, we will drive 12 kilometres of the former course of the Wall by bike. On the way we will see the once „strip of death“, the border crossings, remains of the Wall and deserted railway station. You will learn something about successful efforts to escape, but also about trials with mortal outcome.
A contemporary witness will show us one of the last watchtowers of the border and we will detect traces, which are normally concealed from the public.


At a stopover we will visit a museum with the most thrilling pictures and movies of the construction of the wall and attempts to escape.


At the finish you will have the opportunity to meet with Walter Momper, the former West-Berlin mayor or with Harald Jaeger, one of the border guards in East-Berlin who opens the german wall first in November 1989! Experience how they went through the tremendous events of this time!


Combine that tour, with our Make Your Own Movie- Experience! Shoot your own video at the famous Checkpoint Charlie or at the Brandenburg Gate, historical hotspots of this worldwide conflict! 

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