Will receive:

  • Winter Curling Tournament 
  • Traditional German Xmas Diner 
  • Apès Ski Party with Live-DJ

Bavarian Curling in Berlin! Experience the German-Alpine version of Curling in the German capital! With Berlin transformed into an Alpine resort, you will be taught how to play this version of the Ice Stock Sport, then you can form teams and play in a tournament!

Ice stock sport (also known as Bavarian Curling) is a winter sport, somewhat similar to curling. In German, it is known as Eisstockschießen. Competitors slide ice stocks over an ice surface, aiming for a target, or to cover the longest distance. Ice stocks have a gliding surface, to which a stick (ca 30 cm) is attached. The sport, mostly practiced in southern Germany, Austria and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, has been demonstrated at the Winter Olympic Games on two occasions.



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