10 Reasons to NEVER Visit Riga, IF you…

10 Reasons to NEVER Visit Riga, IF you…
Posted by on April 21, 2017

1. Only like to experience overpopulated & polluted cities. Riga is quite the opposite – a real breath of fresh air!


2. Hate the thought of getting hot & steamy in Hot Tub!


3.  Think that having a party on a tram is NOT a suitable way to see the sights!


4. Are a die hard fan of UBER. No UBER in Riga, only Wacky Cars to cruise around in!


5. Only like to eat bacon with eggs. In Riga, we like to eat bacon with grey peas washed down with a delicious Latvian beer!


6. Do not believe in Santa Claus! Every Christmas, Riga hosts a Santa Fun Run to raise money for good causes.


7. Refuse to go anywhere without your Mobile Phone! In Riga we like to get out in to nature for a Digital Detox.


8. Do not like to SMILE to strangers.


9. Only like to dine in restaurants. In Riga we like to Fine Dine on the river, in mid-air, in great guilds, in the forest…the list goes on & on!


10. Do not like trying something new – Like Riga’s Infamous Black Balzams.


Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for more reasons why you should not visit Riga. We look forward to hearing from you!

Travel Out There has been organising Incentives, Team Building Activities and Corporate Events in Riga since 2006.  Austin Nicholas, Travel Out There’s CEO, moved to Riga back in 2005 as he simply thought the city was too good to be true! Now he is working hard to promote the destination and ensure that everyone who visits this Baltic Pearl has the same ‘jaw dropping’ experience he had! For more information about the story of Travel Out There please click here.

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