FHM Hotspot

In October 20o9 Travel Out There played host to FHM Holland for the weekend. You can read the article on our website – http://www.traveloutthere.com/en/show/page/dutch-fhm-article, at the time this coverage was great for us and the exposure in Holland proved to be a success, with many Dutch coming over to Riga and our other destinations to become part of the TOT family. We have stayed in touch with the guys from FHM and have developed a good relationship with the magazine…so you imagine how pleased we were when we received the long awaited FHM Hotspots video, made during their trip.

This 8 minute video captures Riga and some of the things you can do with the TOT team perfectly…if your Dutch its even better (the video is in Dutch). So we would like to once again say a huge thanks to the guys that made the weekend possible and to the guys at FHM for coming over and helping us share this fantastic city…


Happy viewing

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”Ge4d7IBORyg”]

How do you define seasons..?

What constitutes a season? Is there a start and finish date to the summer? September has commenced, does that mean Autumn begins?  How long is Autumn…till the last leaf falls off the tree or first flake of snow falls? What happens if we get a stonkingly hot September…would this be considered an ‘Indian Summer’ or an ‘Awesome Autumn’?  One thing I can be sure about….it has been quite a ‘Monumental Summer’!! Flicking through my little black book, unfortunately not full of past conquests, instead of future ideas and aspirations…it highlights how much Travel Out There, and I suppose myself, has moved on in 2011.

The Travel Out There team is continuing to grow from strength to strength. We have recently recruited, Houda our  SEO genius.  For all the google geeks out there you will understand what I am on about, but for any normal peeps reading this – she is our “Traffic manager”. That does not mean she is standing outside the House waving a lollypop…instead she is directing and driving more traffic to our website.  I have often compared creating and managing a website is similar to making a film. Technically it is very easy to make a film – the hard part is getting people to sit down and watch it…especially in these times of endless choice.

Graham is continuing  to  keep our Facebook page fresh, interesting and engaging  and we are getting a very good response to the special offers we are sending our valued clients via email. If you are not already on our email list be sure to contact us and we will add you to our database.

The most exciting news of 2011, is that in November, I am very proud to say that I will be a papa!  Nicole is not on the list of names, thinking Nic Nicholas might be a bit ‘Boy named Sue’ esque. Ideas for names are welcome, remember it has to be a Lat-Lish name, one that reads well in English and Latvian.  Unlike Grahams that sounds like a sweet Latvian delicacy Krejums – who knows we might even create a facebook poll!!

Henry, Finlay and Eric are in the mix…as well as Amelia and Leila if it is a girl.

Talking of facebook poll’s – my recent video of golfing in Lithuania got some interesting feedback due to the chosen soundtrack.  I guess it highlights I am maturing gracefully and am ready to be a dad J  I have been really enjoying my golf this summer and I am very keen to continue to develop our destinations for golfing holidays (with a difference – be sure to check out our Golfer’s paradise Caddy service : )

Soon we will be welcoming Sanne to join the TOT team, all the way from Holland.  Therefore we will be adding another language to our repertoire…combined our office speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Dutch. We are almost giving Riga United, our local football team, a run for their money in terms of multicultural melting pots. Sanne’s main responsibilities will be to manage the House Hostel and support me and the TOT team to keep informing you guys what is hot with TOT.   Linda has done a fantastic job managing the House and we are looking forward to hand over our baby, the House not our little one, to Sanne to manage.

Liene has ensured that we are kept up to date will all the great events and developing our city guides in each of our destinations.  This year Tallinn and Vilnius have been rocking ‘n rolling. Vilnius is a real favorite destination of mine and I am hoping to visit Vilnius in the next couple of weeks to soak up some of the atmosphere for the European Basketball Championships. Asko, our local expert in Tallinn, has been doing a superb job and we are looking forward to meeting his colleague Kaisa who he has recruited to manage all of our Tallinn bookings.

Moving in to the ‘Awesome Autumn’, the team will be striving to hit our end of year targets.  Our main goal; to continue to give more and more people memorable experiences in all of our destinations.  Vita, our booking manager has been working incredibly hard tailoring the itineraries to our clients exact needs. Vita has been working closely with our new guide Inguna, who has proven to be a hit!! Check out some of our raving reviews to see how much our visitors have enjoyed their experiences.

Prague, a relatively new destination of ours, is beginning to boom and we are confident that by the end of the year, Nikos our man in Belgrade, will be very busy showing people a great time.   One has to appreciate that 2012 is only a few months away and we will make sure that the TOT Team are 100% prepared to provide a fantastic service for the European Football Champs, in the Ukraine and Poland, lets hope the England team are as well.