Bar Mleczny – a must try in Poland

When I hear the word Milk bar, it immediately makes me think of the Korova Milk bar in Stanley Kubrick’s “A clockwork Orange”, a surrealistic bar serving milk spiked with drugs. But the word Milk bar, Bar Mleczny, in Poland is, luckily, a completely different thing and a place you must visit next time you are in Warsaw or Krakow.   bar mleczny

A Polish Milk bar is a canteen-styled café serving hearty, nutritious meals at low prices and has its very own history. When during the communist era most regular restaurants became nationalized and many were forced to close down, Milk bars quickly gained popularity and most of them were even subsidied by the state. The main idea behind the restaurants was to provide nourishing and affordable meals for the labourers working in the area. In most cases the meals were even included in the workers’ salary.

milk bar old

Old photo from classic Milk bar

Originally the restaurants served mainly dairy based food and hence the name. When the economy was at its worse, the milk bars chained the cutlery to the tables and served the meals in disposable dish ware to prevent them from being stolen. After the fall of the communism system, most of the milk bar became bankrupt and today there are only a few of them left.

Warsaw, Poland - Bar Bambino, milk bar menu on the wall - Warsaw Airport car hire

Typical Menu in a Milk bar

They are still serving cheap and tasty food (you can get a 3-course meal for around 3 euros) and is a true cultural experience. Don’t expect fancy interiors or nicely presented food. The menus are almost always in only Polish and the older women working behind the counter are unlikely to speak English. But with the help of a smile and hand gestures you will be able to make your order and get your very own taste of the history of Poland.


Our 3 Favourite Milk bars in Warsaw:

  1. Familijny Bar Mleczny, Nowy Świat 39, 00-029 Warszawa
  2. Bar Mleczny Pod Barbakenem, ul. Mostowa 27/29 00-260 Warszawa
  3. Bar Bambino,ul. Krucza 21, 00-526 Warszawa

Are Travel Brochures a waste of energy?



Having returned from IMEX 2014 yesterday with a handful of business cards, some inspirational ideas and energised by the rekindling of relationships – I noticed that whilst unpacking I did not have a single brochure.  I strongly believe Travel Brochures are a waste of time, money, energy and most importantly trees!

Every stand I visited, I insisted on not taking their brochure for 3 key reasons:

1) save me the effort of carrying them
2) if I am interested in working with you I would expect to be able to view all the information online. The website I can view from your business card.
3) I believe that all companies should aim to work in a more sustainable fashion – printing large brochures does not support this ideology.

I would be very interested to hear from people who share my sentiments and also whose hotel rooms in Frankfurt looked like the picture above when !

In my opinion a business card is a personification of yourself and your company. In modern day terminology, it could be considered a ‘Printed Tweet’! The more intuitive, creative and innovative that you can be on this printed platform the more interest you will gain from your prospective partners. This is the printed material that people definitely take home ! Business cards are cheaper, create less waste and save trees!

Please find below 2 examples of Business Cards Travel Out There use:

Creative Business Cards, Business Card ideas,

Travel Out There’s Business Cards

In these designs we aimed to highlight 2 key values that Travel Out There abide by: Professionalism and that we are Personal.  By clicking on this link you can view other images we have used to represent our key values.

Why not save on your brochure printing budget and invest more in business cards?  For more some more ideas of great business cards check out this link.


6 Little Known Ways To Stay Productive

1. Write a “Do Not Do Today” list

Do not open Facebook, do not leave the office before 6 pm, do not check your emails more than once a day. While To Do lists can help you get through your day’s tasks, a Not To Do list will help you be firm with yourself and leave you with extra room in your day to crack on.

2.  Have a lunch break

Don’t eat al desko. Instead give yourself a decent lunch break away from your work area. Yes, it might feel like a waste of a precious hour, but you’ll come back to work feeling more energized, refreshed and ready to go. While you’re eating and relaxing, you’ll also be amazed by how many ideas, solutions and processes you think through on autopilot.

3. Say “Next, next, next” to your inbox

Are you prone to getting sucked into your email inbox for hours? Well try this tip. Each time you open up your inbox and an email, have the mantra “Next!” “Next!” “Next!” in your head. It will help you fly through your correspondences and help you to overlook the emails that just don’t matter and suck your time.

4. Work at 4 am

Or 3 am, or 6 am, or 11 pm – we all have different body clocks and schedules. We’re sure you’ll have heard that people can be subdivided into either “early birds” or “night owls”, so set your own schedule to get yourself at your most productive. We’ve even heard of an eccentric academic who breaks his days into two smaller days with bedtime in the middle. Follow your body to get the most out of your day(s?).

5. Don’t make decisions

Well, do. But only about the things that matter. If you can cut down on decision making about things that don’t matter (when to eat, what to eat, what to wear etc.) you’ll save lots of time for the decisions that do matter. A firm schedule can be a good way to minimize the little time-consuming decisions you don’t need to deal with. Eat at the same time each day, get a routine going – you’ll be surprised how much more time and space you have to think about the important stuff.

6. Turn off your email notifications

Your inbox is one of the biggest time-wasters of all, so turn off notifications to help you stay on task and ignore your emails while you get on with the important stuff. Give yourself an email schedule based around your working style and keep checking to a minimum. One check per day which lasts a set period of time (we recommend a 15-30 minute session) will save you hours of productivity!


How do you stay productive? Do you have any weird tips to add to our list? Share your peculiar productivity tips with our readers below!


The 10 Weirdest Museums in Europe

Forget Louvre, Anne Franks house, Guggenheim and the British museum …. and leave way for hotdogs, funeral vehicles and burning souls. Here are Europe’s top ten strangest museums!

1. Museum of Lawnmowers, Southport, England


The name pretty much sums it up. This is a museum about lawnmowers. As their website suggests: “Why not book a guided tour and learn more of the extraordinary history of the garden machine industry.” Well yes, why not?!


2. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia


” A Cell Phone, July 12, 2003 – April 14, 2004. 
It was 300 days too long. He gave me his cell phone so I couldn’t call him any more.”

This could very well be one of the most heart-breaking exhibitions in the world. A whole museum dedicated to failed relationships and their ruins.


3. Museum of Devils, Kaunas, Lithuania


Need some inspiration for your nightmares? Then this is where you should be heading. The museum feature a collection of around 3000 sculptures and carvings of devils, as well as a collection of devils from all around the world.


4. Museum of Holy Souls in Purgatory, Rome, Italy


If your nightmares didn’t get enough inspiration from the devil museum than this will do the trick. According to Catholic belief Purgatory is the burning place where souls go to pay for their sins before they are allowed in to heaven and this museum holds evidence of objects marked by the hands of burning souls in purgatory.


5. Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona, Spain


Next time you visit Barcelona and get tired of the stunning Gaudi architecture, world class art and the long, alluring coastline, this is where you ought to be heading. Down into a basement filled with old funeral carriages, manned by dolls dressed in timely clothes.



6. Kattenkabinet, Amsterdam, Holland

A whole museum dedicated to the important subject of the role of the cat in art. Say no more, we are already convinced!


7. Currywurst museum, Berlin, Germany


We already dedicated a whole post to this popular fast food snack, so of course the Currywurst museum has a given place on this list. If you’re not a big fan of the hot dog, than at least go there for the opportunity to to sit down on that awesome currywurst shaped sofa.


8. Corpus museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Ever wondered what a human would look like if you would be small as a bug and walk around inside it? Then we are pleased to tell you that your dream has come true! During a 55 minutes tour you will get to discover every inch of the inside of the human body.


9. Carrot museum, Berlotte, Belgium


This might not only be one the strangest museums in Europe, but perhaps the most boring one. But hey, if the currywurst gets a museum why can’t the carrot get one? Located in a small belgian village, it’s actually not even a real  museum. It’s a window, with an exhibition that rotates by pushing a button.


10. Toilet museum, Kiev, Ukraine

Allegedly Europe’s only museum dedicated to the history of toilets. Here you can learn all you ever needed to know about the history of toilets, familiarize yourself with the first water closet and the latest japanese toilet technic. Still not impressed? Well then head to the gift shop and pick up one of the useful toilet souvenirs such as a toilet shaped lighter or a toilet-sitting, marijuana-smoking Bob Marley statue.


5 Alternative Career Break Ideas

Have you hit a corporate rut? Do you feel trapped in the rat race or ground down by the daily grind? It sounds like you could do with a career break. A career break is something close to an adult gap year, which gives you the time,space and freedom to get out there and do something different.

If you’re thinking about giving yourself a break, we’ve put together 5 inspiring career break ideas you may never have considered before. Forget teaching English overseas or “finding yourself” in India – try these ideas on for size instead…

1. Do something epic

Have you heard of Diana Nyad? This 64 year old marathon swimmer (who is the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage) is an inspiring example of someone who has gone out and done something truly epic. We don’t expect you to undertake an incredibly dangerous, shark-infested swim, but if you have adventurous urges, why not plan something epic for your career break. From cycling across Spain (and sampling all the chorizo on the way) to sailing around the UK – think big and do something epic with your career break.

2. Be an entrepreneur

If you’ve always daydreamed about starting your own business or launching your own product, here’s your chance! Spend your career break developing your invention and bringing it to market. There’s so much you can learn from the web these days, that it’s brilliantly easy to learn the skills you need to do, well, anything! And who knows, you might hit upon that million dollar idea and never need to return to work.

3. Use what you know

Are you a talented lawyer? A skilled marketer? A clever chef? Why not use your valuable skills to do something amazing. Contact charities and find out how they could make use of your abilities pro bono. From working with the Human Rights Office (PAHRO) to fight for human rights in South Africa using your legal experience, to offering your nursing skills with an organisation like MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), this type of career break could help restore your passion for what you do, show you the world and help people in desperate need.

4. Indulge your creative side

Frustrated sculptor? Undiscovered fashion designer? Novelist waiting to happen? If you’ve always had a creative project up your sleeve but never given yourself the time or space to turn your talent into a reality, your career break could be a great opportunity to find out whether you’ve really got the goods or whether you’re better off sticking to the day job. Why not rent a place out in the middle of nowhere – or in a city you find really inspiring – to give yourself the chance to create something magic? You could even look into joining an artists’ commune or book a creative retreat.

5. Do a masters

Academia may not be everyone’s cup of tea and, yes, University courses are more expensive than ever before. However, if you’re passionate about a subject, or see a new path for your career, taking time out of professional life to be a student again could be a great idea – helping you to pursue your passions and take your abilities to the next level.

Are  you planning a career break? What adventures do you have up your sleeve? Perhaps you’ve already taken an adult gap year and have some interesting stories to tell? We’d love to hear all about it! Share your story with our readers in the comments section below.

4 Ways Event Apps are revolutionizing the Meetings Industry

Event Apps have recently been one of the mostly discussed topics among the meetings industry professionals. Indeed, there is an increasing demand for technology at events from the attendees. As people tend to spend more and more time on social networks, and with their smart phones, events are also expected to cater the need for technology.

However, what is so attractive and convincing about Event apps? It is the fact that they meet multiple event objectives at the same time and can provide significant benefits to numerous stakeholder groups. Let’s discuss some of these benefits:

Convenience and navigation

In today’s highly smartphone-integrated environment, you no longer have to overwhelm your attendees with numerous paper programs and event information. Conference visitors need some tools that can help them navigate and participate in the event and Event apps can provide such solutions by assimilating speaker bios, exhibitor profiles, schedule builders, maps and multimedia content as well as polls and evaluations right in the palms of their hands. The attendees will be able to navigate event with the ease and will leave them charmed for your innovative approach to event organization.

Return on investment

Most attendees have to justify the time and money spent for the event either to themselves or their representatives. In order to do this, they take most out of event by collecting handouts, brochures, business cards, photos or presentation notes. However, by using a range of tools that come within the framework of Event app (such as QR code scanners, PDF readers, near field communication chips, beacon receivers and SMS messaging) users can gather data and information in an easy and cost effective way.

Networking and connection

Event apps give great opportunity to connect the guests and speakers/exhibitors with one another. Such embedded features as matchmaking, calendars, social media integration, lead retrievals or social discovery can create a platform to enable meaningful interaction and engagement among different parties. For example, Event apps with social media integration can easily facilitate attendees to tweet, share the content, exchange information, connect via LinkedIn and potentially fire up the professional relationship even before they see each other. Such functions will not only provide benefits to the event participants in terms of networking with each other, but also gives great exposure of your event to the general public.

Participation and engagement

Another important benefit of Event APPS is that it allows to enforce the active participation of attendees and engagement with different parties via polls, Q&A sessions, feeds or broadcast messaging. Specialized apps can provide a sophisticated platform to express the opinions, offer advice or demonstrate expertise.  As for organizers, there are even more benefits. Thus, for example, event organizers can take advantage in terms of information collection, provision of analytical data or in the end, make an exciting experience out of event.

Travel Out There’s choice of Event Apps:



  • Mobile agenda
  • Survey and polling
  • Attendee networking
  • Multiple events, one app
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Offline mode
  • Integration
  • Lead scanning




  • Learn
  • Share
  • Interact
  • Personalize
  • Measure

Link :



  • Detailed, multi-track agenda
  • Polling and surveys with real-time results
  • Real-time push notifications
  • In-app messaging for all attendees
  • Valuable app real estate for sponsors
  • A web platform for optimal pre- and post- networking
  • Branded splash screen
  • Popularity and adoration


There is certainly something about Event apps. At the same time, you have to understand that such technology is at its very beginning stage of development and there is a lot more we can expect in the future.

At Travel Out There we will help to successfully integrate Event App to your event enabling your guests to engage, interact and communicate with each other. Let us help make your event an exciting experience.


7 Signs You Love Your Job


Are you a workaholic? Are you the first in the office and the last to leave? Are you casual ‘real world’ friends with your boss? It sounds like you really love your job. To properly diagnose your condition, read our 7 top signs that you are head over heels with your working world…

1. Your friends avoid asking you about work

If they make the mistake of inquiring, it unleashes a never-ending torrent of information and they immediately regret asking. Even though you know you are boring your oldest, dearest pals, you find it impossible to keep quiet about all the great things you’re up to, the controversies and the exciting developments. Your friends have no option but to order more wine.

2. You’ve never watched “cute animal” YouTube videos at work

Why would you want a distraction from all of the awesome things you are doing? If you’ve never watched baby pandas sneezing, or ducklings running while you’ve been at work, it’s a very good indication that your whole attention is absorbed by the task at hand.

3. You’ve never watched the clock between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm

In fact the only reason you even look at the time at work is to make sure you’re not running late for exciting meetings and to make certain you have enough hours in the day to fit in all the great stuff you need to do. Those occasionally endless ‘end-of-the-day’ hours slip right by you while your co-workers impatiently clock-watch.

4. It’s not about the money

Although a little extra in the bank would be lovely, as Jessie J sings, “It’s not about the money, money, money”. Instead your job is all about the satisfaction, the opportunities, the sense of fulfillment, the inspiration and the overall gratification it gives you.

5. You come in when you’re a walking corpse

You’re sick, really sick. Your eyes and nose are streaming, your back feels broken and it’s possible you coughed up a little bit of a lung during your commute. Yet, even though you look like a member of the undead, you’re still there, bright and early in the office and ready to work.

6. You don’t know the meaning of TGIF

That “Friday feeling” is completely foreign to you. You don’t feel any relief about reaching the end of the week, instead you see the weekend as an opportunity to recharge ready for Monday! Woohoo!

7. The idea of retirement fills you with dread

You’re only 39, but the idea of hanging up your gloves leaves you feeling cold and empty inside. What will you do with your time? How will you achieve that great feeling of validation? Won’t you be terribly, terribly bored?