Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s day. Probably one of our most hated and dreaded holidays. For single people it is a reminder that they are precisely that, single, and for couples it is simply a commercial stress day, reminding you that you have to buy cards, chocolate, flowers, jewelry, underwear, stuffed animals, romantic getaways and overpriced dinners for two. No wonder so many people dread the 14th of february.

But when you think about real idea behind the holiday, to celebrate love and show your special someone appreciation and love, it is hard not to want to celebrate it. But make sure to do it in your own way!

If you still haven’t figured out what to do, missed to reserve that table at your favorite restaurant or simply don’t feel like getting into the commercial idea of Valentine’s day here are three, last minute ideas for a romantic Valentine’s day.

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

1. Cook together. 

Cooking together is a great way to connect and spend time together. Open up a bottle of wine, turn on your favorite music and prepare your favorite meal together. And of course, put your phones on silence, preferably in another room. The focus should only be on thing tonight: your partner! (and maybe just keep one eye on the stove to not burn your romantic feast).


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2. Make a love tree

Ever heard of a Japanese wish tree? You write down a wish on a piece of paper that you tie to the special wish tree. Instead of a wish tree, make a love tree, where you write down things that you love about each other. If you don’t happen to have a tree nearby, make it indoors instead. Hang a string inside the apartment and tie the papers to it. Just taking the time to write something down on a paper instead of on a keyboard is guaranteed to be appreciated.

3. Outdoor date

Spending time outdoors makes us healthier, happier and more relaxed. So dress warm, pack a few blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate and head out for a day in nature. Spending quality time together, enjoying nothing but the fresh air, beautiful landscape and each other is a perfect way to celebrate your love. And although it might be a good idea to bring a mobile phone in case you get lost, make sure to have it on silent and not let it take up your time!