“My 13 Year Love Affair with Latvia!”

My name is Austin Nicholas, Founder and Director of Travel Out There, and I have a confession to make….

I am having a passionate love affair with Latvia that began in 2003, during a reconnaissance mission to Riga for a football tour. Pre-Ryanair and Pre-EU membership the country was on the verge of great changes. An intoxicating and un-resistible energy seemed to flow through the city and its inhabitants, and soon enough I too had fallen victim to its seduction ….


Having accomplished a Graduate in Broadcasting from Leeds University and 3 years experience of working in Events Management, I decided to see what I could do with my experience in a new and “untapped” business environment.  It was the opportunist and innovator in me that made me take the ‘entrepreneurial jump’ to Latvia and create a Destination Management Company in Riga.

In my eyes, Latvia held seemingly endless opportunities, it was almost too good to be true!  The scenery, people, food, architecture – there was no doubt, in my mind, I simply had to give it a shot! With not much more than the clothes on my back and the “ever optimistic yet slightly over excitable” head on my shoulders, I fell headlong into the bosom of the Baltic to begin my entrepreneurial journey.

DMC in Riga

It was a lack of reliable information available to visitors in Latvia, at that time, that gave me the inspiration to form, what is still the philosophy behind Travel Out There to this very Day!  Helping visitors to “access the un-accessible” to ensure that they, not only visit, but truly experience the destination!  As a DMC in Riga we pride ourselves on our ability to create tailor made programmes with passion and professionalism. Click here for our Riga Meetings and Incentives Guide .


Event Management in Europe

The early friendships that I made in Riga have proved to be of more value than I could have ever imagined. The amount of progress that I have been witness to and enthusiasm to participate in the industries progress has been a true inspiration to me on a daily basis. Its very rewarding to think back and see the fruits of my labor have resulted in a positive experience for so many people over the years in so many fantastic destinations including great Team Building in Berlin, Tallinn, Vilnius & Budapest.

Travel Out There Team

It has become my personal belief that the more creative one becomes in their business, the more fun and rewarding the results will be. I hope that this approach to work will allow the Travel Out There team to create a first impression that rivals my own for Riga. It also inspires me to continue searching and creating. With the help of the Travel Out There Team, I can guarantee you that we will do our best to ensure you enjoy your affair with Travel Out There as much as I do!!!