Riga Incentive – 10 Reasons not to experience Riga!

Travel Out There has been organising Riga Incentive trips, Team Building Activities and Corporate Events in Riga since 2006.  Austin Nicholas, Travel Out There’s CEO, moved to Riga back in 2005 as he simply thought the city was too good to be true!

Now he is working hard to promote the destination as a premier destinations for a Riga Incentive and ensure that everyone who visits this Baltic Pearl has the same ‘jaw dropping’ experience he had! Some of these videos, shot during various Riga Incentives, highlight how and why Austin caught the infamous Baltic Bug.

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1. Only like to experience overpopulated & polluted cities. Riga Incentive is quite the opposite – a real breath of fresh air!


2. Hate the thought of getting hot & steamy in Hot Tub!


3.  Think that having a party on a tram is NOT a suitable way to see the sights on a Riga Incentive!


4. Are a die hard fan of UBER. No UBER (only bolt) in Riga, only Wacky Cars to cruise around in whilst on a Riga Incentive!


5. Only like to eat bacon with eggs. On a Riga incentive, we like to eat bacon with grey peas washed down with a delicious Latvian beer!


6. Do not believe in Santa Claus! Every Christmas, Riga hosts a Santa Fun Run to raise money for good causes.


7. Refuse to go anywhere without your Mobile Phone! On a Riga Incentive we like to get out in to nature for a Digital Detox.


8. Do not like to SMILE to strangers.


9. Only like to dine in restaurants. On a Riga Incentive we like to Fine Dine on the river, in mid-air, in great guilds, in the forest…the list goes on & on!


10. Do not like trying something new – Like Riga’s Infamous Black Balzams.


Some ‘more serious’ reasons why Riga is your ideal incentive destination.


Latvia is not only the conference capital of the Baltic’s..
It is also currently ranked number 45 worldwide as a conference location by the ICCA (International Congress and Conference Association), putting the nation firmly in the top 25%. There are so many reasons to make Riga your destination for conferences and incentives, that it is impossible to list them all.




When one thinks “Riga incentive package,” one usually thinks of getting out of the city. Bobsleigh rides, flying, paragliding, and curling there are plenty of places throughout Latvia that offer these unique opportunities.

But one shouldn’t forget the exciting incentives that take place right here in the capital.




Laima chocolate, Riga Black Balsam, and Art Nouveau architecture; these three things are particularly synonymous with Latvia and Riga. Get to know the city and its architectural delights intimately, by participating in an organised treasure hunt where each team has to find various buildings and sculptures throughout the city. For those with a sweet tooth, try your hand at making your own Laima chocolates at the factory in Riga.


If the chocolate isn’t strong enough for you, try Riga Black Balsam, which is made from twenty four different natural herbs, berries and spices and has a 45% alcohol content. A Riga Black Balsam Magic treasure hunt will have you searching for all 24 of them in order to conjure up this sweet elixir. The task ends at the Black Magic Bar with some spooky surprises and ghosts from the past. We offer a Black Balsam tasting package and a Riga Treasure Hunt Tour. We can also custom- make Riga incentive packages upon request.




If the great outdoors is still what you are looking for from karting and paintball to bobsleigh runs and even the opportunity to play a match against one of the country’s leading amateur teams, Riga United Football Club.




Riga is “the right size, right location and right price” for your Riga Incentive and conference. Indeed, the city is rapidly becoming the gateway between East and West, what with direct flights to European capitals such as Paris, Rome and Brussels in the West, as well as Baku, Tashkent and Moscow in the East. Although they say that Riga is the Paris of the North, its prices, at least for the time being, are not nearly as exclusive. What’s more, the city is cosmopolitan yet compact, enabling you to go from board meeting to boarding your flight in twenty minutes, depending on the time of day and whether you check in online.




The expansion of Riga International Airport will no doubt secure Latvia as the ultimate European conference capital of the future. So if you haven’t decided on a conference here now, you’d best get planning one for the years to come. The airport is currently lengthening its runway, to allow for more jumbo jets to land there, paving the way for more intercontinental flights.




Radisson Hotel Latvia (55 Elizabetes iela) is the capital’s top conference venue. With 20 different conference halls that can accommodate up to 3,000 people, it offers by far the most versatile space and convenience. Radisson Hotels also have two other venues in close proximity, the Radisson Hotel Ridzene (1 Remeirsa iela), a luxury 5-star hotel, and the Radisson Hotel Elizabete (71/73 Elizabetes iela), both of which are just a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Latvia. Hotel Valdemars (23 K. Valdemars iela) is a relatively new affordable and elegant option right in the city centre, in the heart of the art nouveau district. Just a few minutes’ walk from both the Riga Congress Centre (5 K. Valdemara iela) and the Hotel Latvia, this is a convenient alternative accommodation, yet they also offer their own modest conference space.


Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for more reasons why you should not experience a Riga Incentive. We look forward to hearing from you!