Why choose a Company Retreat Facilitator?

Run your Retreat in the Right Way with an experienced  Company Retreat Facilitator!


So we have written about how to recognise it is the right time and factors to think about when deciding the right place, now we must understand the right way for your company retreat or off site. This  predominantly comes down to choosing the best company retreat facilitator to help you ensure you meet your company retreat objectives.  Right time, place and way make up 3 corners of the square for effective communication. The last corner the ‘right agenda’ for your company retreat we will cover next week!


1)        What is the purpose of your experience?

What does success look like?   What area of do you really want to develop most over the time you are all together? Be specific about your purpose. Your purpose should be more focused than “strategic planning,” for example. Identify specific actions or ideas that you want to have come out of the retreat.

Keep your purpose realistic. You might have large goals that cannot be accomplished within one retreat. Prioritise your needs and desires. If you know you will not have the time to accomplish everything, choose 1 or 2 priorities for this retreat, and end the day with a plan for addressing the other issues. Talk to the people you will invite on this retreat, and see if they have any ideas about the goals you should set for the retreat. When people are consulted ahead of time, they will be more invested in the retreat and its outcomes. A Corporate Retreat Facilitator should play a very useful role in this pre retreat planning to help you keep the objectives clear and realistic!


2)        Work with Travel Out There to find the right trainer / facilitator

It is difficult for a participant to serve as the company retreat facilitator. Participants, if correctly selected to attend the retreat, do have a stake in the outcome of the discussions. For this reason, expecting the CEO or a manager of the company, to facilitate the retreat is often a poor choice. This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator. Travel Out There have the experience and network of competence to provide the company retreat facilitator or trainer(s) that are most qualified to support the purpose of your experience.

All of the facilitators we work with are experts in group dynamics, group processes, team building, decision-making and consensus building. During the retreat the facilitator manages the group discussion and ensures that fear, lack of trust, or complacency does not creep in to the room, hence promoting an atmosphere where everyone is wanting to actively participate.

We like to think that our meeting facilitators act like referees on a sports field or conductors in a orchestra. They explain the rules, keep the structure / format goal orientated, schedule accordingly and help ensure that everyone has a chance to shine. Our sole interest is in helping you have a successful retreat.

Why choose a Travel Out There Facilitator in the first place?

It is difficult for a retreat participant to serve as the facilitator.  Participants, if correctly selected to attend the retreat, do have a stake in the outcome of the discussions.  For this reason, expecting the CEO or a manager of the company, to facilitate the retreat is often a poor choice. This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator.


3)        Manage the alcohol.

It is important to ensure that expectations are set from the start that this is a work/play experience. You are keen to get people connecting, communicating and collaborating and returning to the office inspired and invigorated not hung-over and feeling drained from a 3-day piss up. Alcohol consumption can be managed by closely reviewing open bar options and / or providing drinks packages at restaurants, dinner venues and hotels. This ensures your event does not spiral out of control both on a quantative and qualatative perspective.

3 priorities when choosing the right place for a company retreat!

Choosing the Right Place for a Company Retreat

Following on from a previous post on ‘5 signs it is the right time for a company retreat (click here to read). I would like to now look into, and share some advice, on choosing the right place for a company retreat or offsite!! Please find below the top 3 priorities to consider when choosing a destination.

1)       Time, Money & Connectivity.

When choosing the place you have to begin by effectively deciding what is your budget for the experience. This will influence the destination, for example North Eastern Europe is considerably cheaper than South Western Europe, as well as the venue. For leaner budgets you might want to opt for a country house, within an hours drive of the airport / city centre, rather than a 5star Hotel. The venue choice also very much depends on your team size that you need to accommodate.

You also need to consider how well connected is the destination is to key locations the participants will be flying in from. When selecting the venue you will also want to ensure you can maintain a solid internet connection unless you are opting for a digital detox of course.

2) Destination / Market Research

If you are interested in developing a workforce or outsourcing some operations in the region or, alternatively, aiming to penetrate this particular market. In order to do so experiencing the place first hand will give you a wealth of knowledge, resources and most importantly of all valuable connections to make that happen and work more effectively. (see point 3)

3) Special Interests & Activities

Industry experts or learning from key people of interest in the specific destination. You may be interested in a market leader in one particular region and how they develop their business so that you can implement key ideas and strategies in your particular market. Travel Out There can arrange such meetings with leading industry experts.

Alternatively, it might be the case that you are keen to experience an activity that is unique to that particular destination – might be bobsleighing in RigaGraffiti workshop in Berlin or Dinner on Danube in Budapest.

Company Retreat – 5 signs it’s time!

Time for a Company Retreat?

Below we have listed 5 pain points your company might be suffering from that a Company Retreat or OffSite will most likely help solve. If you are suffering from any of the following it is most likely that it is Time for a Company Retreat!

1) Corporate Retreats develop your Company’s culture 

Your team members are your best brand ambassadors and treating them well will ensure they are your ‘magnets’ to attract future talent. Showcasing and promoting this in the form of a retreat will work wonders to help attract and retain talent.

In the process of scaling a company you will no doubt run in to the problem of effectively communicating & maintaining your companies DNA….Your purpose Your WHY! We believe the culture of a company develops and is enhanced best outside the work place! To create a connected culture you need to invest in creating and strengthening the bonds between its members.

2) Company Offsites stimulate innovation 

A company retreat can be a catalyst for innovation…a change of environment and some extra input from our team of expert facilitators can help give your company the kick up the bum it badly needs. Company Retreats provide the stage and opportunity to make pivotal strategic decisions for the company’s future growth. Gaining commitment and ‘buy-in’ from all employees helps strengthen the team’s dedication to the cause and purpose.

3) Align your Mission and Vision!

Without a clear strategy and purpose, your most valued asset, your team can very easily start working for work sake. Especially, during periods of change within the organization (cutbacks, downturn or pivot). If you feel you have too many ’clock watchers’ or dead wood is beginning to creep in, you need to act fast to ensure the problem does not spread further. Team Retreats is one of the most effective ways to focus and realign everyone to your company’s purpose & key values.

4) Company Incentives celebrate great performance 

Every company likes to reward their employees and celebrate great performance; one of the best ways to do this is with a Travel Out There Experience. Maybe you have just celebrated the end to a good year, or you have many regional offices and wish to bring everyone together to show your appreciation? Either way, this is a great way unite a global or remote workforce and to promote your company or brand directly to the people that matter.

5) Team Building Activities unite your workforce 

Simply put it is a great opportunity for everyone to put a face to an email address. WE have worked in the past with companies with back office teams in Eastern Europe and front office teams in Western Europe and the rest of the world. Embarking on a corporate retreat in Eastern Europe is an ideal way for both sides of your organisation to become more acclimatised culturally should you have this ’split’ in operations. This is also necessary should your company be merging with another company.

Tailor Made Experiences

Established in 2006, Travel Out There’s key objective is to help ignite team spirit, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned workforce is a productive one! We aim to accelerate trust, respect and friendship within your team by providing tailor made and remarkable experiences for your company.