What is your destination’s G Spot?

Vilnius, the G-spot of EuropeNobody knows where it is but when you find it it’s amazing.”

It appears that the city authorities and tourism industry within Vilnius are satisfied with the result of this eyebrow raising campaign and plan to develop the idea further.  Lithuanians didn’t seem to be offended by the comparison, praising the authors of the ad for their creativity and sense of humor.

‘By trying to satisfy everyone you will please no one’…it is of crucial importance that destination marketing campaigns unite behind a mutual theme or identity to attract more interest and engagement. In the Vilnius case,  you cannot help but agree that a sexy vibe would help to bring more tourists to the capital, giving the city a real essence of “Rock And Roll.”

Vilnius G Spot

Think of attracting ‘Right People in the Right Place’ when creating your Destination Marketing Campaign

The tourism industry as a whole need to understand who they could serve best – effectively creating a niche – when creating Destination marketing campaigns. What could the destination be number one in the world at to help create a compelling destination brand? Perhaps it is for beach sports, gastronomy, Snorkelling, Yoga (the new golf?!?)…the list could go on.

One could relate this to the slogan the destination uses to promote itself. Below you can see slogans from all around the world!  How many could you say are ‘unique’ to the destination?  Very very few.

As in the case of the Vilnius marketing campaign, many are loaded with innuendo including Latvia’s – Best Enjoyed Slowly. Perhaps not as close to the bone as Fiji’s previous attempt at turning some heads ‘Fiji me.’ (now replaced to Where Happiness Finds You!) and I feel SLOVEnia.

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There are times when you think Tourism Boards have opted to simply punch in some words in to google translate to see what fits as a destination brand:

‘Greece – You in Greece’ and ‘Serbia – life in the rhythm of the heartbeat’ just two examples that spring to mind.


It is my belief, that destination slogans have a big impact on the first impression and can help establish this crucial identity for, not only tourism professionals, but the whole population to support and embrace.

In the future, I hope there will be more of a democratic approach in this selection process. It was only last year when New Zealand held a referendum on whether or not they should keep their current flag. I am not suggesting to go to this level of bureaucracy and expense, but perhaps a simple poll on social media to help in this selection process would be of huge value. If the people feel like they had a say they are much more likely to help tourism professionals promote the destination.

I am going to conclude with some suggestions for a ‘make over’ for Latvia. I was a big fan of Latvia’s past slogan – The Land that Sings. Singing plays a very significant part in Latvia’s culture, emphasised by the Song Festival held every 4 years.

But times have changed and looking forward the slogan I would like to put forward the following suggestion:

Latvia- Disconnect

Latvia – ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’.

There are few better places in the world where you have the choice to be connected to an incredibly fast internet connection (in neighbouring Estonia it is considered a human right) but within minutes, coupled with a conscious decision to turn off your data roaming, you could be in a remote forest or untouched coast line completely at one with nature.

For an insight into the sort of experience you can have in Latvia’s nature please check out this video of a Digital Detox organised by Travel Out There for Riga’s Tech Hub community.

But even if this looks a bit too extreme then a walk along Jurmala’s stunning coast line after a conference in one of the many Spa Hotels could be more up your alley.

I would very much welcome some suggestions and ideas on how you would like your destination to be ‘branded’. Feel free to leave some comments…

Thank you.