3 Kickstarter projects that will change the meeting industry 2015

3 Kickstarter projects that will change the meeting industry 2015
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Posted by on January 5, 2015

If you have followed a blog for a while you probably know by now that we are aiming to take connections to another level. To move stiff meetings and conferences out from the meeting rooms and shackles of the office, and turn forced team building activities into something really meaningful for both the individual and the team.

That is why we are particularly excited about these three Kickstarter projects below, and believe that they can help to revolutionise the meeting industry in 2015. One of them literally enables us to look at things from different angles, and the other two makes it possible to hold meetings, brain storming sessions, and presentations anywhere you wish.

 Kickstarter projects that will change the meeting industry 2015


1. Zano

Forget the selfie-stick. This little fellow takes your selfies to a whole new level. This nano drone connects to your smartphone, and allows you to take photos and record videos from complete new angles. Imagine having this device on your next team building outing, staff party or meeting.



2. Betabook

The simplest ideas are often the best ones. And this idea is so brilliantly simple, which is what makes it so great. A whiteboard pad, that allows you to scribble down ideas, draw pictures, and then erase it when it’s no longer needed (if you want to keep it you can just take a photo of it). No more wasted papers with notes that you will never look over again. This will be a must have for every meeting and brainstorm session in 2015.



We have mentioned before the importance of good quality coffee at meetings and events. And with this all-in-one coffee cup it will be finally be made possible to enjoy a good cup of java regardless of where you are. It is a grinder, brewer and coffee cup in one. All you need is beans and hot water. Perfect for outdoor team building, long conferences and walking meetings.

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