4 Ways Event Apps are revolutionizing the Meetings Industry

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Posted by on May 6, 2014

Event Apps have recently been one of the mostly discussed topics among the meetings industry professionals. Indeed, there is an increasing demand for technology at events from the attendees. As people tend to spend more and more time on social networks, and with their smart phones, events are also expected to cater the need for technology.

However, what is so attractive and convincing about Event apps? It is the fact that they meet multiple event objectives at the same time and can provide significant benefits to numerous stakeholder groups. Let’s discuss some of these benefits:

Convenience and navigation

In today’s highly smartphone-integrated environment, you no longer have to overwhelm your attendees with numerous paper programs and event information. Conference visitors need some tools that can help them navigate and participate in the event and Event apps can provide such solutions by assimilating speaker bios, exhibitor profiles, schedule builders, maps and multimedia content as well as polls and evaluations right in the palms of their hands. The attendees will be able to navigate event with the ease and will leave them charmed for your innovative approach to event organization.

Return on investment

Most attendees have to justify the time and money spent for the event either to themselves or their representatives. In order to do this, they take most out of event by collecting handouts, brochures, business cards, photos or presentation notes. However, by using a range of tools that come within the framework of Event app (such as QR code scanners, PDF readers, near field communication chips, beacon receivers and SMS messaging) users can gather data and information in an easy and cost effective way.

Networking and connection

Event apps give great opportunity to connect the guests and speakers/exhibitors with one another. Such embedded features as matchmaking, calendars, social media integration, lead retrievals or social discovery can create a platform to enable meaningful interaction and engagement among different parties. For example, Event apps with social media integration can easily facilitate attendees to tweet, share the content, exchange information, connect via LinkedIn and potentially fire up the professional relationship even before they see each other. Such functions will not only provide benefits to the event participants in terms of networking with each other, but also gives great exposure of your event to the general public.

Participation and engagement

Another important benefit of Event APPS is that it allows to enforce the active participation of attendees and engagement with different parties via polls, Q&A sessions, feeds or broadcast messaging. Specialized apps can provide a sophisticated platform to express the opinions, offer advice or demonstrate expertise.  As for organizers, there are even more benefits. Thus, for example, event organizers can take advantage in terms of information collection, provision of analytical data or in the end, make an exciting experience out of event.

Travel Out There’s choice of Event Apps:



  • Mobile agenda
  • Survey and polling
  • Attendee networking
  • Multiple events, one app
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Offline mode
  • Integration
  • Lead scanning

Link: http://doubledutch.me/event-app.html



  • Learn
  • Share
  • Interact
  • Personalize
  • Measure

Link : http://www.quickmobile.com/products/mobileevent



  • Detailed, multi-track agenda
  • Polling and surveys with real-time results
  • Real-time push notifications
  • In-app messaging for all attendees
  • Valuable app real estate for sponsors
  • A web platform for optimal pre- and post- networking
  • Branded splash screen
  • Popularity and adoration

Link: http://www.bizzabo.com/

There is certainly something about Event apps. At the same time, you have to understand that such technology is at its very beginning stage of development and there is a lot more we can expect in the future.

At Travel Out There we will help to successfully integrate Event App to your event enabling your guests to engage, interact and communicate with each other. Let us help make your event an exciting experience.


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