6 Little Known Ways To Stay Productive

1. Write a “Do Not Do Today” list

Do not open Facebook, do not leave the office before 6 pm, do not check your emails more than once a day. While To Do lists can help you get through your day’s tasks, a Not To Do list will help you be firm with yourself and leave you with extra room in your day to crack on.

2.  Have a lunch break

Don’t eat al desko. Instead give yourself a decent lunch break away from your work area. Yes, it might feel like a waste of a precious hour, but you’ll come back to work feeling more energized, refreshed and ready to go. While you’re eating and relaxing, you’ll also be amazed by how many ideas, solutions and processes you think through on autopilot.

3. Say “Next, next, next” to your inbox

Are you prone to getting sucked into your email inbox for hours? Well try this tip. Each time you open up your inbox and an email, have the mantra “Next!” “Next!” “Next!” in your head. It will help you fly through your correspondences and help you to overlook the emails that just don’t matter and suck your time.

4. Work at 4 am

Or 3 am, or 6 am, or 11 pm – we all have different body clocks and schedules. We’re sure you’ll have heard that people can be subdivided into either “early birds” or “night owls”, so set your own schedule to get yourself at your most productive. We’ve even heard of an eccentric academic who breaks his days into two smaller days with bedtime in the middle. Follow your body to get the most out of your day(s?).

5. Don’t make decisions

Well, do. But only about the things that matter. If you can cut down on decision making about things that don’t matter (when to eat, what to eat, what to wear etc.) you’ll save lots of time for the decisions that do matter. A firm schedule can be a good way to minimize the little time-consuming decisions you don’t need to deal with. Eat at the same time each day, get a routine going – you’ll be surprised how much more time and space you have to think about the important stuff.

6. Turn off your email notifications

Your inbox is one of the biggest time-wasters of all, so turn off notifications to help you stay on task and ignore your emails while you get on with the important stuff. Give yourself an email schedule based around your working style and keep checking to a minimum. One check per day which lasts a set period of time (we recommend a 15-30 minute session) will save you hours of productivity!


How do you stay productive? Do you have any weird tips to add to our list? Share your peculiar productivity tips with our readers below!


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