7 Signs You Love Your Job

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Are you a workaholic? Are you the first in the office and the last to leave? Are you casual ‘real world’ friends with your boss? It sounds like you really love your job. To properly diagnose your condition, read our 7 top signs that you are head over heels with your working world…

1. Your friends avoid asking you about work

If they make the mistake of inquiring, it unleashes a never-ending torrent of information and they immediately regret asking. Even though you know you are boring your oldest, dearest pals, you find it impossible to keep quiet about all the great things you’re up to, the controversies and the exciting developments. Your friends have no option but to order more wine.

2. You’ve never watched “cute animal” YouTube videos at work

Why would you want a distraction from all of the awesome things you are doing? If you’ve never watched baby pandas sneezing, or ducklings running while you’ve been at work, it’s a very good indication that your whole attention is absorbed by the task at hand.

3. You’ve never watched the clock between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm

In fact the only reason you even look at the time at work is to make sure you’re not running late for exciting meetings and to make certain you have enough hours in the day to fit in all the great stuff you need to do. Those occasionally endless ‘end-of-the-day’ hours slip right by you while your co-workers impatiently clock-watch.

4. It’s not about the money

Although a little extra in the bank would be lovely, as Jessie J sings, “It’s not about the money, money, money”. Instead your job is all about the satisfaction, the opportunities, the sense of fulfillment, the inspiration and the overall gratification it gives you.

5. You come in when you’re a walking corpse

You’re sick, really sick. Your eyes and nose are streaming, your back feels broken and it’s possible you coughed up a little bit of a lung during your commute. Yet, even though you look like a member of the undead, you’re still there, bright and early in the office and ready to work.

6. You don’t know the meaning of TGIF

That “Friday feeling” is completely foreign to you. You don’t feel any relief about reaching the end of the week, instead you see the weekend as an opportunity to recharge ready for Monday! Woohoo!

7. The idea of retirement fills you with dread

You’re only 39, but the idea of hanging up your gloves leaves you feeling cold and empty inside. What will you do with your time? How will you achieve that great feeling of validation? Won’t you be terribly, terribly bored?

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