Five Funniest News From Our Destinations

Being a network of local experts doesn’t only mean knowing the best venues and greatest sights of the cities. It also means keeping track of all the crazy, unusual things happening around our destinations.

So we decided to take a short look at the funniest and strangest news from around our destinations from the last month. Make way for penis socks, sexy potatoes and seal celebrities.

Reality show for seals

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 3.58.43 PM


Although it was recently discovered that Estonia is the least Selfie-taking nation among the Baltic countries, their animals are anything but camera shy. The (nature calendar) has been recognized world wide for their live web cameras capturing animals both in the wild and in zoos.

The latest in the addition of cameras is one set up on the biggest nesting sites for grey seals in Vilsandi Island. And although the baby seals are not expected until end of December, some seals have already started arriving and can be watched around the clock here. We don’t know about you, but we feel a need to bookmark this page right away!


2. The Penis Sock

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The Serbian TV host Jovan Memedovic caused a media storm last week in Serbia when he visited a Bosnian village and tried on their traditional underwear known as nakurnjak. The underwear, perhaps best described as a penis sock, is a knitted sock that is designed to protect the male pride during long cold winters. If this isn’t the perfect christmas gift for dad we don’t know what is. You can watch the whole clip here (fast-forward to 22.60).


3. A Corrupted Board game

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A 22-year old spanish student decided to turn the country’s many corruption scandals in to a business idea. Corruptopolis is a board game where the players win by answering questions about real life corruption scandals that have taken place in the country. The founder has put it up on crowd funding, hoping to race €6.500 to make the game a reality. So far she has already made over  €3000. If you feel like making a contribution, you can do it here.


4. Race against the tube

Czech Republic

In Prague a group of runners decided to try to beat the metro by foot. The race took place in between the stations Hůrka and Nové Butovice, a distance of 748 meters. The results? The metro beat the runners with a few seconds! Click here to watch the whole race.


5. Sexy potatoes



For the third year in a row Bavarian Farmers Association have released their Heisse Kartoffel (hot potato) calendar. The calendar features half naked woman posing provocative next to various types of potatoes.

No, it is not a joke. And according to the Bavarian Farmers Association it is a big hit.

This is not the first time the Association do something like this. In 2011 they released another type of erotic calendar, featuring women doing farmer work in their underwear. The idea behind the calendar was to make farming more alluring to young people, and it was also thought as an, as they said, “homage to all the young women farmers in Germany who support agricultural work in a self-confident and fun manner”.


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