Belgrade Waterfront Will Turn Belgrade Into New Regional Centre

A fundamental change is taking place in Belgrade. In the end of June this year, the project Belgrade Waterfront (Beograd na vodi) was officially presented. The project is a collaboration between the Serbian government and Emirate company Eagle Hills, and is set to transform the whole city of Belgrade and turn it into the regional centre.

Belgrade Waterfront photo 1

Belgrade Waterfront plan


The project, that will take 10 years and 3 billion euro to finalize, will transform the Sava river front, which today mostly consist of unused land, magazines, and industrial buildings, into a “new city in the city”.

The new waterfront will cover an area of 14.000 m2 and will among other things include residential and office buildings, a central park, the largest shopping mall in the Balkans, 8 hotels, riverside promenades, a pedestrian bridge crossing the river, and a 200 meter tall skyscraper, better known as Belgrade tower.


Sava riverfront today

Sava riverfront today


A new beginning for Belgrade

The Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vučić says that this will be a new beginning for Belgrade and Serbia as a whole, who’s economy has suffered hard during the last decades. Mismanagement, civil war, sanctions, damage of Yugoslavia’s infrastructure, one of the world’s highest inflations and Nato’s airstrikes in 1999,  left the Serbian economy half the size of what it was in 1990.

Although the economy has slowly been experiencing an upturn the last decade, this will hopefully be the spark that will help Serbia to really catch up, to attract more tourists and investors, and turn it into the regional centre and a leading Business hub in Eastern Europe.

After all Belgrade has a great position, as a crossroad between Western and Eastern Europe and has always been an important strategic place throughout the history.


byggnad belgrad1

Before and after the renovation of the Zadruga building

“The whole country will look as clean and scrubbed as this building”

The project has already started with the reconstruction of the Zadruga building, that has been turned in to the Waterfront’s gallery. At the opening Vučić announced that “This building is not only a model. Our plan is to change the whole of Belgrade, to change the face of Serbia, so that the whole country looks as clean and scrubbed as this building.

The construction will start  in 2015, and the new Belgrade symbol, the Belgrade tower, will be finished before the end of 2016.

Belgrade Waterfront photo 2

Sketch of Belgrade Waterfront, with the 200 m high Belgrade kula in the middle


A Mock up of the Belgrade Waterfront can be viewed at the Gallery on Karadjordjeva 48 in Belgrade

A Mock up of the Belgrade Waterfront can be viewed at the Gallery on Karadjordjeva 48 in Belgrade

We have been operating in Belgrade since 2009, and are today one of the leading DMC’s. We are looking forward to seeing Belgrade develop with this project and are convinced that Belgrade could become a leading business hub  and MICE destination of the region. We would also like to encourage everyone to come visit Belgrade already now, whether as tourist or on business. Belgrade is an exciting city, full of opportunity and potential but still with a rough edge to it that gives it a spirit unlike few other cities.


You can read more about Belgrade Waterfront on it’s official website.

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