From Experience to Experiential HR Agency – Our ‘RADical journey’ into a Blue Ocean!

Travel Out There – From ‘Experience to Experiential HR Agency’

Back in 2005, I started Travel Out There! It was a lack of reliable information available to visitors in Latvia, that gave me the inspiration to form, what is still a key philosophy behind Travel Out There to this very day! In this article, I would like to give you an insight into how Travel Out There has evolved from being an Experience Agency into an Experiential HR Agency.

Helping companies to “access the un-accessible” to ensure that they, not only visit but truly experience the destination!   

Check out the video I created back in 2005, a walk from the hostel that I used to run many years ago into Riga’s Old Town.  

It is incredible to think of what started as a company, simply offering visitors to Latvia a great experience and hostel accommodation, with an average pay cheque of €50 Euros per person (the cheap & cheerful video above reflects this) has evovled in to a pan European Corporate Event and Retreat network with budgets of up to €250,000. We have had the fortune to partner Google, TDK, HP Packard and Shell, within a handful of years. It’s very rewarding to think back and see the fruits of my labor have resulted in a positive experience, for so many people over the years, in so many fantastic destinations.  

Evolving & maturing into an ‘Experiential HR Agency’! 

Travel Out There’s key objective is to help ignite team spirit, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned workforce is a productive one! We aim to accelerate trust, respect, and friendship within your team by providing tailor-made and remarkable experiences for your company.  We become an Experiential HR Agency.

This is a video we made for Google during their off-site (please note a slight increase in quality of the production to our ‘walk in Riga video’ :):

‘RADicalise’ your talent.  

Travel Out There aim to help companies serious about development and change as well as having some fun! Travel Out There 3-T Experiences combine Travel, Team Building with Training. Our professional facilitators provide the methodology and structure for your retreat and our experience managers handle all your ground handling requirements in your specified destination. Together they make the perfect team ensuring you make the most of the limited and extremely valuable time that you are all together.

We like to use the term RADicalise as it serves as an acronym for the key objective for partnering with us and taking your team away on a Travel Out There Off-Site.  To RETAIN, ATTRACT and DEVELOP your most valuable asset, your people.

If we look deeper into the term Radical!

If something is considered very different from anything that has come before it, call it radical.
The noun, radical, comes from the Latin radix “root,” and in fact, radical and root are synonymous as technical terms in fields such as math and linguistics.

In more everyday language, a radical is someone who has very extreme views, so you could say that their views are different from the root up. Similarly, a radical flaw or change is a fundamental one whereas a radical design or idea is very new and innovative.

Team Building

Developing Roots in the Woods

Strengthen & deepen your ‘Company’s Roots’!

Your team members are your best brand ambassadors and treating them well will ensure they are your ‘magnets’ to attract future talent. Showcasing and promoting this in the form of a retreat will work wonders to help attract and retain talent.

In the process of scaling a company, you will no doubt run into the problem of effectively communicating & maintaining your companies DNA / roots. Your purpose, Your WHY! We believe the culture of a company develops and is enhanced best outside the workplace! To create a connected culture you need to invest in creating and strengthening the bonds between its members.

Next week I will post an article about how we can help you create a video during your off-site that will serve as a great experiential HR tool to retain and attract your talent.

Thanks for reading and please do contact us if you would like to learn more about our RADical approach to Experiential HR!

How to organise a Company Off-Site that pays off – An Executive PA’s Guide.

We understand that too often, the role to organise a company off-site falls into the lap of the Executive’s PA. After all, Executive PA’s are often the ‘bridge’ between senior/C-level management and the rest of the company, hence, in principle, it is a logical decision to empower this task to this engaged and very connected person.

However, in our experience, taking on this responsibility to organise a company off-site is a huge undertaking, on top of all the other day to day responsibilities.  This can create quite a stressful workload and impact your well-being both in and out of the office.

In this ‘How to Organise a Company Off-Site that Pays Off Guide’ we will aim to help you, as an executive PA, to tackle this extremely challenging and stressful task, to organise a company off-site, in a more manageable and proactive fashion. Creating this small guide to help you break down all the tasks in hand to organise a company off-site.  We are here to help 🙂

Before beginning to organise a Company Off-Site it is important to have some clear and specific objectives in place.  Whether on the beach or off the beaten track, understanding the need to kill complacency and connect with your team like never before is wonderful.  This is the value of taking your company off-site to connect your workforce and develop your company culture…but there should be additional driver or purpose. What is the key problem you are trying to solve or objective you hope to meet by organising a company off-site.

Please take some time to discuss the quesitons below with both your senior management team and handful of employees from the company. We suggest creating a company off-site think tank to help you develop the concept and core purpose of the Off-Site.  This will help share the burden of organising the company off-site and also help you delegate core tasks to others.

Company Off-Site Hotels

Choosing the right place for your Company Off-Site


Where are your team members located? (If you work with a remote workforce).

This will help you understand what location would work best for your retreat from a logistics standpoint. What airlines fly direct to the destination from these locations and can you get to the destination in a timely and simple fashion.

Team / Company Size:

This will help you. choose a suitable accommodation option when you organise your company off-site.

Where would you like to go for next year’s off-site?

  • City
  • Beach
  • Mountain
  • Countryside / rural

What kind of hotel would you prefer? (big hotel chains, boutique hotels…) 

  • Chain Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Country House
  • Camping
  • Other….

What kind of rooms do you request? (single / double / twin)

  • Single
  • Double
  • Twin

Opting to share rooms will bring down the price of the off-site in quite substantially.

Company Off-Site

Choose the right time for your company Off-Site to help take people out of the Status Quo


What values and beliefs define your brand?

(Without a clear strategy and purpose, your most valued asset, your team can very easily start working for work sake). 

Please state your top 3 reasons to celebrate at your company off-site:




On a level of 1 to 10 how well do you know your colleagues? 


What would you consider the 3 most important focuses for your company off-site? 

  • Fun
  • Relaxation
  • Team Work / Team Building
  • Adrenaline
  • Leadership
  • Team Bonding
  • Networking
  • Motivation
  • Development of Trust
  • Creative / Hands On
Company Off-Site Facilitation

Choosing the right facilitator for your Company Off-Site can make a huge difference.


What would you consider the primary focus for the company off-site?  Please highlight 3.

(Keep your purpose realistic. You might have large goals that cannot be accomplished within one retreat. Prioritise your needs and desires).

  • Celebrate great performance
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Support managing change
  • Improve communication
  • Enhance the Company’s culture
  • Opportunity to innovate
  • Alignment of Mission and Vision!
  • Unite a global/remote workforce
  • Refine / Define Values
  • Escape routine
  • Incorporate a new way of working 
  • Evoke a behavior change
  • Leadership / Personal Development
  • A shared experience
  • Simply to have fun!

Do you need a meeting space and what is the ideal room set up? 

  • Cabaret / Banquet
  • Theatre
  • U Shape 
  • Classroom

Do you require breakout spaces – if so how many?

What past activities have you experienced- what has worked and not worked?

Are you interested to incorporate a facilitator into your Company Off-Site?  Yes or No. 

(Our trainers, serve as a neutral group facilitator, and help disrupt your thinking by asking you questions that you might not have thought of independently. They help you identify, prioritise and resolve your key objectives as well ensure you stick to the pre-arranged agenda. Our Trainers and Trust Architects can also take the majority of this work away from your hands to organise a company off-site that pays off.)

Facilitators also help to empower the introverts in the group to have a say.  There are many meeting methods and tools to aid a more democratic and balanced approach to meetings. Asking each individual in the group to summarise their own thoughts on post-it notes, then place them on the board is a great way to encourage those who are less confident to ‘voice’ their opinion. 

This highlights the benefit of recruiting an independent meeting facilitator to host the retreat. It ensures that the CEO or confident extroverts, within the team, do not hog the microphone.  Talking of microphones…CatchBox is a great throwable microphone that encourages great interactivity within a meeting.

Company Off-Site activities

Choosing the right activities to incorporate in to your Off-Site helps create stronger connections


What are the 3 must-haves to ensure you have a successful, productive and enjoyable company off-site? 

  • Scheduled programme
  • Downtime with colleagues or own
  • Great hotel 
  • Destination
  • Limited travel time
  • Informative guest speaker
  • External facilitator 
  • Time to explore the destination
  • External activities
  • Great celebratory Gala Dinner
  • High standard of hotel room
  • Something different
  • Other: 

If you had one free hour each day of the company off-site, how would you use it? 

Choose a type of experience you would MOST like to incorporate into the company off-site – Highlight up to 3. 

  • Culinary/gastronomic
  • Exploration / City Rally
  • Digital Detox 
  • Creative Exercise 
  • Active (Early morning run)
  • Relaxation / Spa
  • Team Work / Survival
  • Competitive Activities / Olympics / Sporting Competition
  • Adrenaline / Karting / Wind Tunnel
  • CSR Programme 
  • Trust Building / High Ropes
  • Networking / Local site visit
  • Informative Workshops with Key Person of Influence
  • Motivational speaker 
  • Attend an event (cultural, sporting, concert etc)
Company Off-Site themes

Create a theme for the Off-Site that drives engagement

How to get everyone to engage at your company off-site?

The most important understanding when you have your team at a company off-site is to leave titles at the door.  Many company off-sites aim to inspire bottom-up innovation, where staff members on the front line can voice their opinion and have an opportunity to share ideas that would help solve the particular objective in question.

Planning for the next company off-site!

  • Debrief to ensure the next one is better
  • Gives everyone something to look forward to
  • Set the date

This will help retain and attract talent – your most precious commodity (apart from time)!

We can help you tailor a company 0ff-site that pays off:

If this seems all too much to manage on top of your daily workload then we are are here to help. At Travel Out There we do not believe in selling bespoke packages or off the shelf experiences. We like to give our clients exciting ideas and inspirational concepts that we then work closely with you to tailor make a company off-site to your exact needs and requirements. We specialize in creating and forming unique Company Off-Sites, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Company Off-Sites that pay off

A happy workforce is a connected one. This is your ROI for a company Off-Site.

What is your destination’s G Spot?

Vilnius, the G-spot of EuropeNobody knows where it is but when you find it it’s amazing.”

It appears that the city authorities and tourism industry within Vilnius are satisfied with the result of this eyebrow raising campaign and plan to develop the idea further.  Lithuanians didn’t seem to be offended by the comparison, praising the authors of the ad for their creativity and sense of humor.

‘By trying to satisfy everyone you will please no one’…it is of crucial importance that destination marketing campaigns unite behind a mutual theme or identity to attract more interest and engagement. In the Vilnius case,  you cannot help but agree that a sexy vibe would help to bring more tourists to the capital, giving the city a real essence of “Rock And Roll.”

Vilnius G Spot

Think of attracting ‘Right People in the Right Place’ when creating your Destination Marketing Campaign

The tourism industry as a whole need to understand who they could serve best – effectively creating a niche – when creating Destination marketing campaigns. What could the destination be number one in the world at to help create a compelling destination brand? Perhaps it is for beach sports, gastronomy, Snorkelling, Yoga (the new golf?!?)…the list could go on.

One could relate this to the slogan the destination uses to promote itself. Below you can see slogans from all around the world!  How many could you say are ‘unique’ to the destination?  Very very few.

As in the case of the Vilnius marketing campaign, many are loaded with innuendo including Latvia’s – Best Enjoyed Slowly. Perhaps not as close to the bone as Fiji’s previous attempt at turning some heads ‘Fiji me.’ (now replaced to Where Happiness Finds You!) and I feel SLOVEnia.

There are times when you think Tourism Boards have opted to simply punch in some words in to google translate to see what fits as a destination brand:

‘Greece – You in Greece’ and ‘Serbia – life in the rhythm of the heartbeat’ just two examples that spring to mind.


It is my belief, that destination slogans have a big impact on the first impression and can help establish this crucial identity for, not only tourism professionals, but the whole population to support and embrace.

In the future, I hope there will be more of a democratic approach in this selection process. It was only last year when New Zealand held a referendum on whether or not they should keep their current flag. I am not suggesting to go to this level of bureaucracy and expense, but perhaps a simple poll on social media to help in this selection process would be of huge value. If the people feel like they had a say they are much more likely to help tourism professionals promote the destination.

I am going to conclude with some suggestions for a ‘make over’ for Latvia. I was a big fan of Latvia’s past slogan – The Land that Sings. Singing plays a very significant part in Latvia’s culture, emphasised by the Song Festival held every 4 years.

But times have changed and looking forward the slogan I would like to put forward the following suggestion:

Latvia- Disconnect

Latvia – ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’.

There are few better places in the world where you have the choice to be connected to an incredibly fast internet connection (in neighbouring Estonia it is considered a human right) but within minutes, coupled with a conscious decision to turn off your data roaming, you could be in a remote forest or untouched coast line completely at one with nature.

For an insight into the sort of experience you can have in Latvia’s nature please check out this video of a Digital Detox organised by Travel Out There for Riga’s Tech Hub community.

But even if this looks a bit too extreme then a walk along Jurmala’s stunning coast line after a conference in one of the many Spa Hotels could be more up your alley.

I would very much welcome some suggestions and ideas on how you would like your destination to be ‘branded’. Feel free to leave some comments…

Thank you.

Your Complete Guide to Organising a Company Retreat

Your Complete Guide to Organising a Company Retreat

Established in 2006, Travel Out There’s key objective is to help ignite team spirit, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned workforce is a productive one! We aim to accelerate trust, respect and friendship within your team by providing tailor made and remarkable experiences for your company.

Travel Out There aim to help companies serious about development and change as well as having some fun! Travel Out There 3-T Experiences combine Travel, Team Building with Training. Our professional facilitators provide the methodology and structure for your retreat and our experience managers handle all your ground handling requirements in your specified destination. Together they make the perfect team to ensure you make the most of the limited and extremely valuable time that you are all together.

Before embarking on a company retreat or off-site it is important to have some clear and specific objectives in place that is why we have created this complete guide to organising a company retreat that covers all 4 corners of the Square of Effective Communication!

Click on each link to read each post accordingly!

Right Time to Organise your Company Retreat

Right Place for your Company Retreat

Right Agenda for your Company Retreat

Right Way for your Company Retreat 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information about organising a company retreat for your team!

Riga Incentive – 10 Reasons not to experience Riga!

Travel Out There has been organising Riga Incentive trips, Team Building Activities and Corporate Events in Riga since 2006.  Austin Nicholas, Travel Out There’s CEO, moved to Riga back in 2005 as he simply thought the city was too good to be true!

Now he is working hard to promote the destination as a premier destinations for a Riga Incentive and ensure that everyone who visits this Baltic Pearl has the same ‘jaw dropping’ experience he had! Some of these videos, shot during various Riga Incentives, highlight how and why Austin caught the infamous Baltic Bug.

For more information about the story of Travel Out There please click here.

1. Only like to experience overpopulated & polluted cities. Riga Incentive is quite the opposite – a real breath of fresh air!


2. Hate the thought of getting hot & steamy in Hot Tub!


3.  Think that having a party on a tram is NOT a suitable way to see the sights on a Riga Incentive!


4. Are a die hard fan of UBER. No UBER (only bolt) in Riga, only Wacky Cars to cruise around in whilst on a Riga Incentive!


5. Only like to eat bacon with eggs. On a Riga incentive, we like to eat bacon with grey peas washed down with a delicious Latvian beer!


6. Do not believe in Santa Claus! Every Christmas, Riga hosts a Santa Fun Run to raise money for good causes.


7. Refuse to go anywhere without your Mobile Phone! On a Riga Incentive we like to get out in to nature for a Digital Detox.


8. Do not like to SMILE to strangers.


9. Only like to dine in restaurants. On a Riga Incentive we like to Fine Dine on the river, in mid-air, in great guilds, in the forest…the list goes on & on!


10. Do not like trying something new – Like Riga’s Infamous Black Balzams.


Some ‘more serious’ reasons why Riga is your ideal incentive destination.


Latvia is not only the conference capital of the Baltic’s..
It is also currently ranked number 45 worldwide as a conference location by the ICCA (International Congress and Conference Association), putting the nation firmly in the top 25%. There are so many reasons to make Riga your destination for conferences and incentives, that it is impossible to list them all.




When one thinks “Riga incentive package,” one usually thinks of getting out of the city. Bobsleigh rides, flying, paragliding, and curling there are plenty of places throughout Latvia that offer these unique opportunities.

But one shouldn’t forget the exciting incentives that take place right here in the capital.




Laima chocolate, Riga Black Balsam, and Art Nouveau architecture; these three things are particularly synonymous with Latvia and Riga. Get to know the city and its architectural delights intimately, by participating in an organised treasure hunt where each team has to find various buildings and sculptures throughout the city. For those with a sweet tooth, try your hand at making your own Laima chocolates at the factory in Riga.


If the chocolate isn’t strong enough for you, try Riga Black Balsam, which is made from twenty four different natural herbs, berries and spices and has a 45% alcohol content. A Riga Black Balsam Magic treasure hunt will have you searching for all 24 of them in order to conjure up this sweet elixir. The task ends at the Black Magic Bar with some spooky surprises and ghosts from the past. We offer a Black Balsam tasting package and a Riga Treasure Hunt Tour. We can also custom- make Riga incentive packages upon request.




If the great outdoors is still what you are looking for from karting and paintball to bobsleigh runs and even the opportunity to play a match against one of the country’s leading amateur teams, Riga United Football Club.




Riga is “the right size, right location and right price” for your Riga Incentive and conference. Indeed, the city is rapidly becoming the gateway between East and West, what with direct flights to European capitals such as Paris, Rome and Brussels in the West, as well as Baku, Tashkent and Moscow in the East. Although they say that Riga is the Paris of the North, its prices, at least for the time being, are not nearly as exclusive. What’s more, the city is cosmopolitan yet compact, enabling you to go from board meeting to boarding your flight in twenty minutes, depending on the time of day and whether you check in online.




The expansion of Riga International Airport will no doubt secure Latvia as the ultimate European conference capital of the future. So if you haven’t decided on a conference here now, you’d best get planning one for the years to come. The airport is currently lengthening its runway, to allow for more jumbo jets to land there, paving the way for more intercontinental flights.




Radisson Hotel Latvia (55 Elizabetes iela) is the capital’s top conference venue. With 20 different conference halls that can accommodate up to 3,000 people, it offers by far the most versatile space and convenience. Radisson Hotels also have two other venues in close proximity, the Radisson Hotel Ridzene (1 Remeirsa iela), a luxury 5-star hotel, and the Radisson Hotel Elizabete (71/73 Elizabetes iela), both of which are just a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Latvia. Hotel Valdemars (23 K. Valdemars iela) is a relatively new affordable and elegant option right in the city centre, in the heart of the art nouveau district. Just a few minutes’ walk from both the Riga Congress Centre (5 K. Valdemara iela) and the Hotel Latvia, this is a convenient alternative accommodation, yet they also offer their own modest conference space.


Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for more reasons why you should not experience a Riga Incentive. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Baby, the Boss and the Brand – The Travel Out There Journey

Disruptivetechnology copy

Travel Out There has always been a Disruptive Innovation since the company was formerly established in 2006. Please find below a bite sized overview of our exciting journey to date.



Our First Logo to promote Bar and Club Excursions and Daytime Activities

Sharing Great Experiences with New Connections and having fun!

In 2005, Austin landed on Baltic shores and started a ‘hobby business’ to connect with & have some fun with backpackers. Managing Bar and Club Excursions for Backpackers in Riga was a great way to spend the weekend and earn some pocket money.

Riga Bar And Club copy

Getting Paid to Party – ‘Riga Out There’ in its infancy.

The Ryan Air Revolution.

2006-2010.  In 2007, RyanAir launched direct flights to Riga. This created a huge demand for activities and experiences attractive for Group Leisure market in Riga.  We never set out to ‘cater’ for the Bachelor Party market…but we were in the right place at the right time to manage this segment.

Riga Out ThereTallinn Out There

Vilnius Out There



reliving legends copy

Without a doubt the best New Year’s Eve Party Riga has ever witnessed!

Our Network of Competence is your Confidence!

2010-2013.  Expansion plan begins, both on a personal and professional front.  Tallinn, Vilnius, Berlin, Belgrade primary targets by monitoring Ryan Air and Wizz Air’s flight expansion plan.  We also ran a great party in Riga for New Year’s Eve 2010. It was a floating music festival!!

Henry TOT copy

New Baby – New Brand!!

Raising Team Spirit (as well as our standards).

2013-2015.  I wanted to build a brand that I would be happy to recount to my son later in life. A brand with a legacy and meaning.  I felt a change was required and we had to really push the Travel Out There brand up the value chain.

Utilising our valuable knowledge, experience and network of event architects we made the shift from operating as a B2C  to a B2B business. Our core objective to promote and develop more of a connected culture for our clients by providing memorable team building experiences in Riga and in all of our other destinations. Helping to develop a greater sense of team spirit and raising morale within the organisation.

Hence the development of our new, more corporate brand, the Travel Out There TiPi. For more information about how we came up with this design click here

Travel Out There copy

The Travel Out There TiPi

Sharing Great Experiences with Great People to Attract Top Talent.

2015 – 2017.   It is quite funny that we have almost gone full circle in terms of the driving force behind our service.  We no longer solely provide bar and club excursions, but our tailor made Travel, Training and Team Building solutions are still focussed on having fun and connecting people.

We have developed and trained our network of event mangers to become Travel Out There Trust architects, helping employers value their number one resource, their workforce and for growing companies to attract talent. By working with Travel Out There, clients not only value the ROI of building great teams. Our clients give us the feedback that the stories, shared experiences and content we provide helps attract talent as it is evident you invest in the well being of your staff.


The baby, boss and brand have all grown up!!

Our Goal – You must Experience it to Believe it!

The Future: Our brand has changed and matured over the years, but one thing that will always remain the same, Travel Out There’s slogan. ‘Experience it to Believe it!’.   With Travel Out There we will always be providing experiences to help create connected cultures that are tailored to exceed expectations.  The Travel Out There Team aim to please because we care!

How to Create a Perfect Social Pitch & Communicate with Purpose

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. Not only are people quick to form first impressions, they are also fairly accurate.

Why making a good first impression matters.

  • Enhance others’ perception of you,
  • Project trustworthiness,
  • Inspire confidence in your abilities
  • Exude friendliness,
  • Approachability and likeability,
  • Open doors to opportunities

Treat Networking Events, Conferences and Exhibitions as ‘Pitching Playgrounds’.

Have fun and experiment with your pitch and most importantly of all keep reminding yourself that you have nothing to fear when presenting it to others. One good way to do this – pretend that you have known this person you are about to introduce yourself to for 6 months already.  Also understand that is the reason for your fear…question to yourself what is the worst that can happen?

  • They don’t give you a business card….
  • they start talking to someone else….
  • they smile and wave…

if that is the case they are probably not worth connecting with.

Lastly, understand that the symptoms of being nervous are the same as being excited.  Sweaty hands, increased heart rate and respiration.   With the physiological arousal being the same for both states of mind, whether you feel anxiety or excitement about a future event is often up to you. Much of it is in the way that you appraise your physiological arousal. In other words, in the meaning you give to it. Hence simply, reframe your thinking from a negative approach,  nervous thinking, to a positive mindset that evokes a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Remember the Golden Rule number 1

“Look in the eye, shake hand firmly & smile!”


prupose communication


  • INTRO Your name & area of expertise (company / position). Small tip when making the first intro: Aim to repeat name twice in first 10 secs…this will help you remember the name in future.
  • YOUR PASSION / WHY you do you what you do? – What gets you up in the morning?
  • YOUR PROBLEM / WHAT you do and How it works – What problem do you solve & How does it work!
  • YOUR PERSON / YOUR WHO – Give an overview of your ideal customer. Do not be dismayed if the person you are talking to does not seem to fit as your target market. The customer persona you are seeking might well be there best friend!!


To really communicate with purpose we recommend you covering each of the ‘3 P’s’.

  • Focussing on solely your passions and your ‘ideal clients’ might be more suitable for dating or time on Tinder!
  • Alternatively, just discussing the problems you solve and who you solve them for – you will come across as simply a hard nosed networker and not someone you would gladly  do business with.
  • And lastly, solely focussing on passions and problems you fall in to the trap of being a ‘Schmooze’.  According to Urban Dictionary: To Schmooze (v) to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favor, business, or connections.  Not the lasting impression you really want to leave.


Ok – so you have both ‘pitched’, (Please, please, please do make sure you listen and pay attention) and you are keen to continue a dialogue we recommend moving on to your 3 I’s.

  • Helpful INSIGHT – This could be about the pitch itself, ask for clarity on a point that is not 100% clear . Or it might be a recommendation of a book to read or someone they must contact in relation to their 3-P introduction.
  • Shared INTEREST – What are you passionate about outside work? It has been proven that people like to work with people that they have something in common with…begin to explore what this interest could be to take you on to the next base!
  • INTERACT – exchange cards / connect on Linkedin. Never leave a ‘contact hanging’ and always be sure to follow up in a professional and personal manner.

Remember the Golden Rule number 2! 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”! 


MY EXAMPLE SOCIAL PITCH (I am still practising to make it perfect).

Hi my name is Austin, I am an event & trust architect, CEO of Travel Out There.

OUR PASSION (Vision / Why):

Meaningful experiences are those which are shared; those which bring out the best in people.

We seek to bring out the best of your team, so you can bring out the best of your business.

OUR PROBLEM (Mission / What):

Orchestrate remarkable experiences that inspire change, transform teams and build connections, one business at a time. It is our Network of Competence is your Confidence.

OUR PEOPLE (Target Market / Who):

Our Key Target market / buyer persona is an Executive’s PA who has been given the challenging job to conduct a team building experience or company retreat for their rapidly growing workforce.

They are seeking best practices, big ideas, bold vision and a network of trusted peers to create this shared experience for the team.

Want to find out more -Please take my card.


⁃ I am also Riga United Football Club Founder & board member, keen golfer and father of 2 amazing kids!

Ask for tips and insights from those that are great at the art of pitching!

Like you would if you were playing a sport or learning an instrument. Learn from those who are good.  Ask for advice on how they created, rehearsed and developed a pitch that they are evidently very confident and happy with. You would be surprised how willing people are to help share insights and tips on how they mastered the art of pitching effectively.



Travel Out There can run training workshops that help improve your pitching skills as part of a company retreat or stand alone workshop within a conference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and…

Remember the Golden Rule number 3! 


Great Corporate Event Planning form for Event Managers

Ok, so you have received a brief to organise a corporate event from a client or it might be the case that you have been given the responsibility to manage an incentive or corporate away day for your company. The age old saying ‘failing to plan, is a plan to fail’ is certainly evident when organising events. Therefore, we have a designed an Event Planning form to help you make sure your Corporate event is a success, saving you the potential embarrassment of running a team building activity or gala dinner that is not up to standard.

We have created a google form that will help you ask all the right questions to gain the information you need to organise a corporate event that fulfils all the key objectives. Whether it be for simply networking or having fun – it will give you a key insight in to what areas you need to focus on to ensure the event satisfies those who are paying for it.

All of the Travel Out There Event Managers use this form for all the destination management enquiries we receive across our network of destinations.  The other key benefit is that all the answers are stored automatically in an google excel spread sheet that you can share with your colleagues and the event management team.  This data you can then analyse to assess trends and understand what sort of events your clients are requesting in general.

Should you want to create a similar form for yourself – please contact me via LinkedIn and I can send you a unique corporate event planning form to use. Otherwise feel free to cut and paste, edit as you please. Any suggestions or comments you may have in terms of information that you think should be added would be hugely appreciated.

Hope you find this event planning form useful and good luck with your organisation – we hope you mange to create an experience that hits all the right buttons!

25 Years Since the Wall Fell

The 9th of November this year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It is remarkable to see the changes the German capital has gone through durning these last decades. From a divided city to a world metropolis, cultural centre and one of the leading European cities.


To commemorate this happening the city of Berlin are planning various events that will take place during the weekend of the 9th of November.

One of the biggest events includes an light installation, made out of thousands of illuminated helium balloons, that will be set up were the former wall was.. making a 12km boarder through the city. If the weather allows, this installation will even be visible from space.

Other happenings includes two exhibitions, one displaying never before seen photos of every day life in DDR and the other one focusing on the mentality and life style in West Germany.

You can read more about the history of the wall and the 25th anniversary celebration here.


If you are interested in knowing more about the Berlin Wall, the Cold war and the life before the fall of the wall we recommend our Berlin Trabi Safari Tour and Cold War Biking Tour. You can also make your own interpretation of the historic event in our Make Your Own Film workshop.