Cats, Cars ‘n Cams a ‘Typical’ week with TOT

It is never a dull week working at Travel Out There, but for sure this has been one of the most eventful.
First and foremost, all the Travel Out There team would like to wish Sanne, Mike and Lou lots of luck in their new Travel adventures.  Sanne had been working with TOT helping develop our new destinations and managing the Penthouse.  They have now left Baltic shores to head back to Amsterdam. We hope that some future Travel Out There clients will bump in to you both on the streets of the Dam.  Amsterdam and Berlin are our latest destinations to join the Travel Out There family.
Sanne and Mike’s send off party in the House was up there as one of the best in history and it was good to strike a truce with Lou the cat.  I guess everyone needs some sort of vehicle to release all pent-up emotions, Lou was mine!   I would like to take this opportunity to apologise and I hope there are no hard feelings.  As cats go you were all right, but I must admit I am more of a dogman.
I suppose I could consider Milly the Moskvich a bit of a pet for Travel Out There… pushing her along for walks and paying many bills down at the vets. Lets hope she enjoys her make over holiday in Saulkrasti and comes back to town fully energized and revitalized for the summer.
Ivars, our new creative content co-oridinator looked as happy as a pig in mud when he received his new camera.  He was not a happy chappy editing the video we shot on miniDV for my presentation to 30 Dutch students about Travel Out There and the future of tourism.  Therefore we have to apologise for the lack of quality of this video…in future they will all be shot on HD. Happy Days.  But for now check out the piece we cut together and should you want to learn more about Travel Out There feel free to contact me.
Have a great weekend!!

TOT Presentation

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