Choosing Team Building activity for your Company Off-Site

What to ask yourself when trying to choose the right team building activity

Choosing team building activity for your team building day or company off-site can be tricky. Just like humans, every company and team is different, face different challenges and have different needs. This is why there cannot be any one-solution or package deal when it comes to team building activities.

Of course you want your employees and colleagues to have fun and enjoy the team building activity. But at the same time you want your team to learn something, become stronger as a team and hopefully take some new valuable knowledge and skills with them back to the office.

A sea of choices

If you google team building activities, you get a sea of different offers including everything from advanced management courses to children games and ice breaker activities. Even we at Travel Out There offer many different types of team building exercises, which is why it is beneficial, and even crucial, that you go think it through a bit before choose what to go for.

Questions to help your decision

Let’s start with obvious ones like:

  • How many people will participate? (some activities require a bigger group while some other simply does not work with larger groups)
  • When and where do you want the event be held? (Dates od the event is of course crucial, where as the venue or place can be left for the event manager to fix. But if you have any ideas or wishes it is important to write them down.)
  • How long is the event going to last? (a few hours, half a day, a day or maybe even several days)

Next questions to ask yourself is:

  • What are your key objectives with the activity? What do you wish to accomplish with the team building? Is it to get the team to get to know each other? To improve communication? To strengthen the team,or maybe to completely incorporate a new way of working or evoke a behavior change?
  • What is the budget per person? Will it be an all-exclusive weekend at a company retreat, or a half day workshop at the office? The budget is very important to have set already at the beginning.
  • What is the most important focus of the event? Should it for example be fun, relaxing, creative or adrenaline filled? Or should the focus be on personal development, team bonding and developing skills?
  • What are the 3 must have element of the event? A famous guest speaker? Live music? Outdoor venue? What ever it is that you absolutely must have it is very good to have it written down already at the start.
  • What are the 3 things you don’t want at the event? Almost as important as the above question. Did you do some activty last year that you don’t want to repeat? Do you maybe want the activity to be alcohol free or why not internet free?

By answering this questions within the company it will facilitate you in choosing what kind of activity is best for your precise team. It can of course also be used as a guideline for us to put together an exciting and suitable program for you.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, at Travel Out There we don’t believe in selling bespoke packages or ready made products. Each client is unique and so should their event be, no matter budget or wishes.

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