Company Retreat – 5 signs it’s time!

Time for a Company Retreat?

Below we have listed 5 pain points your company might be suffering from that a Company Retreat or OffSite will most likely help solve. If you are suffering from any of the following it is most likely that it is Time for a Company Retreat!

1) Corporate Retreats develop your Company’s culture 

Your team members are your best brand ambassadors and treating them well will ensure they are your ‘magnets’ to attract future talent. Showcasing and promoting this in the form of a retreat will work wonders to help attract and retain talent.

In the process of scaling a company you will no doubt run in to the problem of effectively communicating & maintaining your companies DNA….Your purpose Your WHY! We believe the culture of a company develops and is enhanced best outside the work place! To create a connected culture you need to invest in creating and strengthening the bonds between its members.

2) Company Offsites stimulate innovation 

A company retreat can be a catalyst for innovation…a change of environment and some extra input from our team of expert facilitators can help give your company the kick up the bum it badly needs. Company Retreats provide the stage and opportunity to make pivotal strategic decisions for the company’s future growth. Gaining commitment and ‘buy-in’ from all employees helps strengthen the team’s dedication to the cause and purpose.

3) Align your Mission and Vision!

Without a clear strategy and purpose, your most valued asset, your team can very easily start working for work sake. Especially, during periods of change within the organization (cutbacks, downturn or pivot). If you feel you have too many ’clock watchers’ or dead wood is beginning to creep in, you need to act fast to ensure the problem does not spread further. Team Retreats is one of the most effective ways to focus and realign everyone to your company’s purpose & key values.

4) Company Incentives celebrate great performance 

Every company likes to reward their employees and celebrate great performance; one of the best ways to do this is with a Travel Out There Experience. Maybe you have just celebrated the end to a good year, or you have many regional offices and wish to bring everyone together to show your appreciation? Either way, this is a great way unite a global or remote workforce and to promote your company or brand directly to the people that matter.

5) Team Building Activities unite your workforce 

Simply put it is a great opportunity for everyone to put a face to an email address. WE have worked in the past with companies with back office teams in Eastern Europe and front office teams in Western Europe and the rest of the world. Embarking on a corporate retreat in Eastern Europe is an ideal way for both sides of your organisation to become more acclimatised culturally should you have this ’split’ in operations. This is also necessary should your company be merging with another company.

Tailor Made Experiences

Established in 2006, Travel Out There’s key objective is to help ignite team spirit, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned workforce is a productive one! We aim to accelerate trust, respect and friendship within your team by providing tailor made and remarkable experiences for your company.

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