Corporate Event Give Aways

Remember your photo albums, stacked full of pics taken during school trips, holidays, drunken parties and weekends away – out of focus, badly framed, eyes shut, or even worse red, as if cursed by the devil!!  Those photographs were far from perfect, but what they lacked in quality was made up in character and emotion!

Back then…It wasn’t about perfection, the right filter or tons of likes; it was about collecting memorable experiences.  Let’s not also forget the excitement and enjoyment of opening up the eagerly anticipated envelope of magic moments a week or so later after being processed. Sifting through the pics you are immediately teleported back in time to the experience and you somehow value the images so much more as they are tangible.  I call it the Kodak Moment effect!!

Nowadays, I myself must admit that I am addicted to shooting thousands of photos, often the very same shot a multiple of times, convinced that the picture has to be great. I am not ‘there’, because I don’t live the moment to the fullest. Instead, I watch it on the screen of my smartphone and then upload immediately to get my ‘hit’ of social engagement.  Half my mind is living in the real the other in the virtual.  Can you relate to this? Don’t you find it frustrating?

 A blast from the past…Turn your pics in to prints! YOSO your analogue camera on your smartphone…confused? Read on!

That is why YOSO was created. This great app turns your phone into an analogue camera. You can choose the roll size of 12/24/36 pictures. After you take a picture, you cannot see it, and it doesn’t save to your phone. After the roll is finished, YOSO prints out your pictures and sends them directly to you in a beautiful album box. How cool is that!!

I am a huge fan of ‘scarcity’ and believe the next biggest social network will be one where you can only post one update a day. Why is Twitter so popular? You have to frame your message in to 140 characters….Why not do the same with pictures? Limit your photo taking, to value more those pics you snap!

Printing out 12/24/36 pictures on high-quality photo paper and delivering them in a beautiful album box costs 12.99/15.99/17.99 € respectively.

Travel Out There can arrange a special price for your corporate event should you want to buy a larger number of rolls  as a ‘give away’ to all participants of your incentive.  We think it has so much more value than the ‘standard’ trinkets normally given away as Corporate event give aways ….whether it be a pair of socks, a tie pin (who wears tie’s these days anyway), bottle of booze etc.

We can customise each picture, the special lining inside the box and print a desired graphic on the box itself – e.g. company logo; this prolongs brand exposure and gives the ‘Kodak Moment effect’ for all employees.   After all YOSO moments are best shared!

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