Great Corporate Event Planning form for Event Managers

Ok, so you have received a brief to organise a corporate event from a client or it might be the case that you have been given the responsibility to manage an incentive or corporate away day for your company. The age old saying ‘failing to plan, is a plan to fail’ is certainly evident when organising events. Therefore, we have a designed an Event Planning form to help you make sure your Corporate event is a success, saving you the potential embarrassment of running a team building activity or gala dinner that is not up to standard.

We have created a google form that will help you ask all the right questions to gain the information you need to organise a corporate event that fulfils all the key objectives. Whether it be for simply networking or having fun – it will give you a key insight in to what areas you need to focus on to ensure the event satisfies those who are paying for it.

All of the Travel Out There Event Managers use this form for all the destination management enquiries we receive across our network of destinations.  The other key benefit is that all the answers are stored automatically in an google excel spread sheet that you can share with your colleagues and the event management team.  This data you can then analyse to assess trends and understand what sort of events your clients are requesting in general.

Should you want to create a similar form for yourself – please contact me via LinkedIn and I can send you a unique corporate event planning form to use. Otherwise feel free to cut and paste, edit as you please. Any suggestions or comments you may have in terms of information that you think should be added would be hugely appreciated.

Hope you find this event planning form useful and good luck with your organisation – we hope you mange to create an experience that hits all the right buttons!

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