Most Creative Marketing Campaigns 2014 (so far)

At Travel Out There we love fresh thinking and creativity. In fact, it is one of the core ideas of our business. That’s why we love brilliant marketing campaigns, as they show how far you can go if you just dare to think a bit outside of the box.

Below we have collected six of our favorite creative marketing campaigns for 2014.


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1. Transfer wise – RIP Hidden fees

Transferwise held a parade in central London featuring almost naked people covered in body paint, a hearse and a huge inflatable tombstone reading R.I.P. Hidden fees. Watch the video here


2. Volkswagen – Eyes on the road

Mobile use in now the number one cause of traffic accidents. See how Volkswagen shocked a whole cinema audience into getting the message.


3. Smart – The Dancing Traffic Light

As a part of their campaign #whatareyoufor, Smart cars created a dancing traffic light under the title For a safer city, aimed to make people wait and watch instead of walking through the red light.



4. A Waterstones Sleepover

The Brittish bookstore chain Waterstones turned a mishap into a great PR campaign. When an american visitor by mistake got locked inside their store after closing hour a few weeks ago, his plead for help on Twitter quickly went viral and got headlines all over the world.

A few days after, Waterstones decided to make another lock-in, but this time intentionally. They launched a competition, giving 10 guests the opportunity to spend the night at their store on Trafalgar Sqaure.

The competition was advertised as an accommodation on AirBnB and the applicants were asked to state which book they would read if they found themselves locked inside a bookstore for a night. The competition got over 1200 entries, over 4000 likes on facebook, not to mention all the media attention.


5. Thea’s Wedding

During September this year, Norweigan speakers were able to follow 12-year old Thea’s wedding blog, where she shared the preparations for her wedding with 37-year-old Geir. Just as any normal wedding blogger, Thea shared selfies of herself trying on dresses, picking flowers and choosing cake for the wedding as well as sharing her thoughts on quitting school and getting married to a 25 year older man.

She got over a million readers, and many of them outraged by the story contacted the Norweigan police to stop the marriage of the underaged girl. The blog and wedding were not true however, it was a brilliant marketing campaign from the Norweigan NGO Plan, aiming to highlight that 39,000 children a day are forced into marriage worldwide. The blog is unfortunately only available in norwegian, but you can read more about the campaign here.


6. This is a Generic Brand Video

This is a good example of how great it can turn out if you dare to not be so serious and have a dose of self irony. Stock video provider Dissolve, made a parody video of the stereotypes used in brand videos. The script was based on the piece “This is a Generic Brand Video”  by Kendra Eash (originally published on McSweeney’s Internet Tenedency). The video of course featured their own stock videos and the result is hilarious.

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