Get Cooking with our Culinary Team Building

Through out time, food has always been a natural way to gather, sit down and enjoy each other’s company. And let’s face it, everyone loves food! We love to buy it, eat it, talk about it and even watch TV shows about it.

That’s why Culinary Workshops are the perfect choice for team building. It is also a great way to get to know the local culture, and of course to get your creative juices flowing and competitive nerve on the edge.

We offer many different types of Culinary Team Building activities around our destination. In our Gastronomic tours you start off by going to the local markets and learning about the regional ingredients before you head back and prepare them together with the guidance of a professional chef.

How a Interactive Cooking Event can look
In our Cook-off you compete against the clock and each other in preparing different recipes, which you later sit down and enjoy together.

You can also learn to prepare local specialties such as the Lithuanian Zeppelein, Spanish Paella, or the Georgian Khinkali or Chakhokhbili, just to mention a few.

We also have specific food classes, like the delicious chocolate challenge where you not only get to make your own pralines, you also have to package it and think of how to market it. We have a sushi classes where you will learn to master the japanese delicacy. If you are more into drinking than eating we also offer cocktail and wine making workshops.

Chocolate Challenge
No matter which type of workshop you choose you have to make sure to work together as a team and communicate efficiently. Because we all know that too many cooks may spoil the broth. Other than practicing effective communication you will also practice following instructions and attention to detail, managing changes and of course a few culinary tricks.

To learn more about our Culinary workshops, click here, or contact our local managers for more information.

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